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We had been around the block, so to speak, with several real estate agents and missed out on several deals at auction. We appointed Rich to find and negotiate a suitable commercial investment property and he did a fabulous job. It was hard to trust what some of the agents were telling us, but Rich cut through the “real estate speak” to identify the vendor’s motivation for selling and provided comprehensive information on comparable sales, yields and other features we hadn’t thought of! We will definitely be using the services of Propertybuyer again.

- Simon F, Managing Director


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australia-sydney-opera-house-180x138.jpg Commercial property provides a solid investment platform to build your real estate portfolio due to three key drivers:

  • Solid cashflow from long term leases
  • Capital growth from locations in commercial centres
  • Better quality of tenant that pays outgoings.

While investing in commercial real estate can be a highly profitable exercise, it takes considerable research skills and due diligence to locate a top performing commercial property in Australia. Buying in the wrong area with a high vacancy rate or oversupply can be a financial disaster, so it makes sense to get independent advice from a specialised buyers’ agent who has extensive knowledge of the local market to find you the right commercial property investment.




Should you buy or lease as an owner or occupier? This question is best answered by our buyers’ agents, who know the current state of the industrial investment market, and are aware of projections for commercial real estate throughout Australia over the next few years.

With this and your criteria in mind, our professional buyers’ agents will help you find, appraise and obtain suitable commercial property for sale that meets your requirements.

Whether you’re working a regular 9-5 job, or running your own business, you’re already stretched for time so it makes sense to outsource your property search to a professional with intimate knowledge of the relevant industrial investment market.  Find out more here.





Invest in commercial property. If you’re new to the industrial investment market and don’t want to commit too large a sum, a buyers’ agent can help you find the perfect property that allows you to get your feet wet, and which can build up your confidence as a landlord.

No matter how experienced you are as a commercial property investor, you will always benefit from engaging one of our expert buyers’ agents to carry out the proper research and produce a list of promising investment opportunities.

We do this by helping you source, evaluate and secure the ideal commercial property for your specific requirements, so you can capitalise on the best investment opportunities. Find out more here.


















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Do you want to upsize or downsize your business?
Are you a business owner looking to upsize or downsize your business? Do you have the time to do a comprehensive
search of the market?

Our buyers’ agents save you time, stress, and frustration by carrying out extensive research to find suitable commercial investment properties for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Rest assured that should you require it, our buyers’ agents have the knowledge to extend the property search to other parts of NSW, Vic, and QLD in Australia.

We follow your property brief to a T. We won’t present you with commercial properties that are too small or too big. We won’t include unnecessary amenities, features, or fittings that drive up the price. We work exclusively for you, and are always mindful of your price range.

We do the hard work but the decision is always yours to make. We provide a list of potential commercial investment properties and guide you through the pros and cons of each so you have the information you need to create a shortlist.

You needn’t be concerned that you’ll overpay for the property because your buyers’ agent is in your corner, negotiating the price on your behalf.

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive commercial investment property service
Propertybuyer will help you find, appraise and purchase the ideal commercial property that future-proofs your business growth. Our buyer’s agents have the experience, knowledge and extensive market research with which to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Investments of any kind involve risk, but by leveraging their expertise, our agents are able to minimise the risk so that you get the most out of your industrial real estate investment.

Whether you’re looking to buy, let, or sell commercial property in Sydney’s, Brisbane’s, or Melbourne’s prime commercial real estate markets, Propertybuyer helps you get the most out of your investment.

In fact, because the commercial investment markets in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are so big and so varied it’s almost impossible for someone who isn’t intimately familiar with them to successfully investigate and narrow down suitable commercial properties for sale.

The sensible decision is to get a professional buyers’ agent to shortlist the best available commercial properties and help you through the entire buying process.



Finding the best commercial and industrial properties for sale

Propertybuyer will identify locations and commercial property types that will best fit your financial capacity, risk profile, and investment criteria. We provide a tailored search and acquisition solution that will save you both time and money.

When you buy commercial property using Propertybuyer, we take on the role of property agents and finders. This means that we uncover the best possible commercial investment opportunities in the industrial areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We act on your behalf to secure the property you’ve chosen at the best price.

In addition to sifting through listed commercial properties, we have access to off-market properties. Through these silent sales, as they are also known, we can help our clients secure these properties before other buyers have even heard about them. As specialised buyers’ agents in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, our contacts will help you gain access to a much wider variety of investment opportunities than just approaching individual agencies, real estate agents, brokers, or developers.

We cater for all budgets from $500k to $100m +.


Property buying services and then some

If you are serious about making money from commercial property investments in Australia, you need a highly professional and experienced buyers’ agent on your team. Successful property investors understand how to leverage their time, money and knowledge to get a great result. We provide you with access to extensive market research throughout Australia on recent sales, market trends and property hot spots and give you impartial and objective advice on the best opportunities for commercial investors.

That’s not all, however, we also leverage our extensive list of real estate-related contacts to find you professional property management services from reputable property managers.
Property management is essential in the commercial and industrial property market.

Managers take on all the day-to-day responsibilities, as well other essential admin tasks, like scheduling annual inspections and keeping safety certificates up to date.

Join forces with PropertyBuyer and join the ranks of successful property investors in NSW, VIC, and QLD who have the tools and knowledge to leverage their time and money to get a great result.

We had been around the block so to speak with several real estate agents and missed out on several deals at auction. We appointed Rich to find and negotiate a suitable commercial investment property and he did a fabulous job. It was hard to trust what some of the agents were telling us, but Rich cut through the “real esate speak” to identify the vendor’s motivation for selling and provided comprehensive information on comparable sales, yields and other features we hadn’t thought of! We will definitely be using the services of propertybuyer again.
Simon F, Managing Director

If you are looking for a commercial property in other capital cities (Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Canberra) – just ask us for a referral to our trusted buyers agents network in other states.

Commercial buyer testimonials

Paul's Story - Southern Sydney Commercial

Purchase price: $3,500,000

ASKING PRICE: $3,750,000

Net rent: $41,818
Net yield: 4.14%
Location: SOUTHERN Sydney
Lease Term: 3 years + 3 YEARS
Increase: 4% PER ANNUM

NET RENT: $162,240


Buyers' Agent Comments:

To purchase a Commercial leased investment with over 4% net return around Sydney.

We purchased an Industrial warehouse in a Sydney suburb which has been steadily growing at a rate of 8% per annum in the last 30 years. The property has a 3+3year lease to an established National business operating since 1975.
It’s been purchased Off-market for $3.5m which is $250,000 less than the asking price returning 4.64% net, an outstanding result and return for a property in this area.

Commercial Buyers' Agent - Alberto Da Grava

Nathan & Jane's Story - Sydney CBD Commercial

Price: $ 1,250,000
Buyer type: Commercial
Purchased: Pre-Auction
Purchase price: $1,010,000
Net rent: $41,818
Net yield: 4.14%
Location: Sydney CBD
Lease Term: 10 + 5 + 5 years
Increase: CPI


Client Comments:

We recently bought our first commercial property as an investment with help from Alberto and I would readily recommend Propertybuyer and Alberto to others. This was the first time we had looked to buy commercial property and were aware that there were differences when looking at residential and we also didn't have the time to do all the leg work ourselves. We wanted to minimise the risk of making mistakes and were very glad that we did with Alberto putting forward a number of property options that were off-market, including the one we ended up purchasing. From the beginning the service was excellent with Alberto working with us to define our target market and criteria and he then got to work putting forward a number of properties. He was always available for discussion and would explain why we should think about certain tactics and the pro's and con's of each property. We received detailed property appraisals and clear feedback as we missed a few opportunities as it is a very competitive market and we wanted to be disciplined. The outcome was the successful purchase of a property that met nearly all of our criteria and we are very happy with the result. I would readily use Alberto again and would recommend him to others as well.

Nathan & Jane


Buyers' Agent Comments:

First time commercial investors with $1m budget looking to purchase a “pandemic-proof” Medical leased investment, with a minimum 3 year lease anywhere along the NSW east coast.

We purchased an outstanding entry-level Healthcare investment with a 10+5+5 year lease! The property has an exceptional Dental fit-out and is perfectly located in a specialised medical Sydney CBD building next to Hyde Park, Town Hall and future Pitt St metro station. It’s been purchased pre-auction, under extreme competitive conditions, and this investment will guarantee our clients a secure and steady income for the years to come.

Commercial Buyers' Agent - Alberto Da Grava

Sam's Story - Central Coast Commercial

Buyer type: Commercial
Purchased: Off-Market
Purchase price: $4,000,000
Net rent: $242,000
Net yield: 6.05% (area yield around or below 5% net)
Location: Central Coast, NSW (Growing area)
Lease Term: 7 years + 7 years
Increase: 3.25% per annum


Buyers' Agent Comments:

To purchase a Commercial leased investment, A-grade Tenant, low maintenance, long term lease and net yield above 5.

We purchased an Industrial freestanding warehouse in a growth suburb of the Central Coast. The property had excellent Tenants history and is leased to an International supplier for 7years+7years. It’s been purchased Off-market for $4m which is $133,000 less than the asking price returning 6.05% net.

Commercial Buyers' Agent - Alberto Da Grava



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