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Property Investment in Australia

Invest in excellence. Invest with confidence.

Property is a great way to invest your money and can provide excellent returns if you do it right. As Australia’s most awarded Buyers’ Advocates, we’ve given over 2500 investors  independent and professional advice on buying and investing in property. Our buyers’ agents have a finger directly on the pulse of Australian real estate and will give you exactly what you need to help you make a solid and informed investment. Whether you’re new to the property game or an experienced investor looking for an extra edge, Propertybuyer’s agents combine insider knowledge and property connections with our extensive research and buying experience to help you make the best decision possible.

Engage Propertybuyer’s considerable experience and up-to-the-minute real estate knowledge to help you make the best investment decision.

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Which suburbs have strong capital growth? How can you secure positive cashflow? What about yield versus capital growth? Is it better to buy an inner-city apartment as your investment property in Sydney, or a freestanding house somewhere else in suburbia? All these questions are of paramount importance when investing in property, and it can seem overwhelming if you’re not a professional. Well, our buyers’ agents are investment professionals, and they can help design an investment strategy that is just right for you in the context of your needs & goals, and the current Australian property investment market.

Whether it’s buying off the plan, trying to ensure positive cashflow, or simply investing in your next house, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful.

With a buyers’ advocate you can take the guesswork out of investing and count on making a superior investment, enjoy good capital growth, positive cashflow and equity gain.

Our buyers’ agents spend their lives immersed in the property market and are able to provide a real estate forecast that is literally up-to-the-minute. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to find and buy an investment property, an full-time property investor looking for inside information, or an experienced investment buyer looking to do renovations and a property flip, our buyers’ agents’ considerable experience and expertise will help you make the best possible decision.

In addition to property forecasts and insider information on the best place to invest, we go further than the average investment property specialists because we take care of everything from research to shortlisting, negotiation and settlement. This not only saves you precious time, it also allows you to leverage our considerable experience, expertise and connections; a great asset, especially for first-timers or foreign investors.

In the complex real estate market, a buyers’ advocate works exclusively in your interest to save you time, stress and money… and our fees are tax deductible if you are purchasing for investment property purposes.

Don’t risk searching the real estate market for your ideal investment property on your own. Let our expert property finders search Australia wide and help you find the Sydney, Perth, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Queensland or Darwin investment property of your dreams, as well as advising you on how to get the most out of your new purchase.

Our fees for the full search service work on a fixed fee scale that applies for each price band. The fees are equivalent to between 1.5% and 2% of purchase price including an initial retainer fee from $1500. It’s a small investment to minimise your risks and maximise your returns.Don’t waste time trying to research the market on your own. Engage a professional buyers agent that can pinpoint the growth areas of the future.

Imagine taking the time, stress and risk out of investing in property – that’s exactly what using a buyers’ agent gives you.

To arrange a FREE no obligation consultation and obtain a fixed price quote, please call our multi-award winning property agents on 1300 655 615. Invest with confidence. Find your investment property now.

Investing in property starts with extensive research. Based on your personal investment requirements, we help design a strategy for your individual situation. Your personal buyers’ agent will then conduct extensive market analysis to identify suburbs and properties likely to deliver the best return. We take away the guesswork and use intelligent data to pinpoint high growth and high cashflow investment areas. We ensure that every opportunity is evaluated against dozens of factors, including local market conditions, comparable sales and property specifications.



As Australia’s most awarded Buyers’ Advocates, we’ve helped over 2500 investors find top performing properties so you can be confident you are in safe hands. We can also connect you with our alliance partners to safeguard your portfolio – such as solicitors, building inspectors, property managers, tax accountants, finance brokers and depreciation specialists.

How it works:

5 steps to smarter property decisions:

  1. Complete the Property Brief
  2. Discuss and develop strategy
  3. Research and shortlist
  4. Evaluate
  5. Negotiate and secure

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Discover the 5 key benefits of using a Buyers’ Agent.

To arrange a FREE no obligation consultation and obtain a fixed price quote, please call our multi-award winning team on 1300 655 615.

Invest with confidence. Find your investment property now.

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Are you interested in a cashflow positive investment? We help you with several strategies including granny flats, dual living properties and established properties in high rent demand areas.  Find out more…

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