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Our licensed Real Estate Buyers' Agents will search for properties that meet your requirements, and negotiate on your behalf to secure your ideal property at the best price. In addition to finding suitable listed properties, we’ll help you access off-market property, and get independent valuations. All in all, our agents can help you save significant amounts of time, money and stress.


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Propertybuyer buyers' agents have helped thousands of people in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other regions in Australia find and secure property at the right price. Whatever type of property you’re looking for, be it a double storey family home, investment property or 700 square metre factory, our local buyers’ agents will source a selection of suitable residential and commercial options for your consideration.

Our property buyers’ agents also have the specialist knowledge required to navigate the prestige property market. Properties in this luxury market start at $3 million and can top AUD$71 million, as demonstrated by the record sale in Point Piper, Sydney. With this kind of investment on the line, buyers’ agents’ services are indispensable.


Knowledge of the local market that burrows all the way down to the suburb (and even the street level) is essential. You’ll find that our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane buyers’ agents have the most recent and pertinent information to help you make your final decision. This information includes recent sales prices and property size, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and total square metres. We give you accurate information to counteract the rampant underquoting that is going on!

If you’re looking for commercial real estate, our property buyers’ agents in Sydney will provide you with insightful local knowledge about vacancy rates, per SQM sale rates, foot traffic, local amenities, transport links for workers and other essential information to make the best possible investment decision.

Our residential and commercial real estate buyers in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Newcastle are equally armed with unbiased information, but with the local twist relevant to their suburbs, localised neighbourhoods, and industrial areas.

Jennifer Jones
May 2021
We approached Rich Harvey to assist us in looking for a property suitable for dual living. We needed level access, privacy and independence for my elderly parents, downsizing after 50 years in the same home. We also needed to amply ...
Mark Mordaunt
April 2021
For anyone not comfortable or unable to deal directly with real estate agents a buyers agent is a great choice and Amanda from Propertybuyer in Melbourne is one of the best i have dealt with. Mark Mordaunt Professionals ...
Trevor Lonstein
March 2021
We engaged Rich Harvey late in 2020 to find us a house in St Ives, after meeting and interviewing with 4 different Property buyer organisations. Rich and Propertybuyer looked the most professional, were very attentive to our requirements and had ...
Frank Schoenherr
January 2021
I never believed in a buyers agent until I found this company. We were looking for a new home, closer to Sydney, with lots of parks, good schools and family friendly neighborhood. Our assigned agent was Nick who is an expert in the north …
Phoebe Macintosh-Evans
January 2021
I worked with Munro to secure my first property. We got very lucky and the process was very quick for us, but Munro made me feel comfortable and supported, working hard to ease my stress and give me peace of mind. He was exceptionally …
Harrison Jones
January 2021
I have met Munro Donen at a number of my open for inspections and recently sold a property to one of his clients. Munro was very easy to deal with from the start and it was a real pleasure working with him. He always had his clients best …
jenny Morris
December 2020
Getting Rich onboard to find me my perfect property was the best decision I've ever made (not once but twice). My family have been lucky enough to have worked with Rich over the past 25 years - and this time with the wonderful Nick. Nick …
Nicole van Barneveld
November 2020
I used Rich to help me find my new property. I had very specific things I wanted in my new home that might have been a little hard to find within my budget. Rich spent the time finding out what I liked and didn't like and then gave me a …
Crevan Murphy
October 2020
Rich and his team responded to a last minute high pressure negotiation for us. He was professional, knowledgable, and calm in the sea of insanity that I found myself in. I had a scheduled meeting with Rich thinking that I had a few weeks to …

Whatever your position in the property market, from property investors and home buyers to commercial buyers and property managers, our real estate buyers’ agents in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have local knowledge that best serves you and your needs.

In addition to search and negotiation services, we research the local suburb concerned to ensure that the property you want to buy is in line with market value and not overpriced. Our real estate buyers’ advocates also provide invaluable assistance with the nitty gritty aspects of property buying in Australia, including inspections, surveys, and reports. Local knowledge is essential in this respect because the rules and regulations governing the real estate market differ across states and territories in Australia.

Buyers’ agents in Sydney will know exactly what is required to secure a property and facilitate the transfer process, just as our buyers’ agents in Melbourne and Brisbane expertly negotiate the ins and outs of their local property markets.


Read Our Latest Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Northern Beaches - Homebuyers Johnathan & Gina

"Matt Corbett from Propertybuyer worked with us on overcoming any concerns about lack of control being overseas. It was great – we got the place below our maximum. If you are thinking about engaging Propertybuyer, consider it! Even if you are not overseas as it takes the stress out of auction."

“It was great – we got the place below our maximum.”

Client - Jonathan & Gina

Northern Beaches - Home Buyer - Patrice

"Propertybuyer were very professional and efficient. Matt knew the market well and quickly assessed our requirements and tastes. The whole process saved us time and money and prevented us making mistakes through lack of knowledge of the differences between the NSW real estate purchasing process and that which is used in QLD."

“…saved us time and money and prevented us from making mistakes.”

Client - Patrice




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Our team of professional buyers’ advocates have expert knowledge of local property markets in some of Australia’s major cities, including Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Brisbane. We are highly trained in property buying strategies, including research and negotiation, to deliver you the perfect property that matches all your criteria. Our independent team of real estate buyers’ advocates boasts substantial experience in acting on behalf of home buyers, investors and commercial buyers! We are exclusively on your side!


Matt Corbett

Principal - Buyers' Advocate


Nick Taylor-Fick

Principal - Buyers' Advocate


Stewart Fraser

Principal - Buyers' Advocate


Munro Donen



Paul Goldin



Zachary Melamed



Kevin Mason



Glen Sainsbury

Principal - Buyers' Agent


Lisa Whayman



Amanda Jones



Alberto Da Grava



Andrew Kim


See How Our Buyers' Advocates Can Help You

Buying property is a notoriously stressful process, but our advocates take the load off of your shoulders, significantly reducing the time is takes to secure property and, perhaps more importantly, reducing the associated costs that come with buying property for residential purposes and investing in a commercial property.

Buyers’ agents help home buyers and investors make smarter decisions by providing independent advice on locations and setting realistic expectations as to the types of properties available. This is where our property buyers’ agents and advocates use their expertise and knowledge of the local real estate market to make your dreams of the perfect house come true.

Our teams include experts in the commercial property market. Our commercial property buyers’ agents evaluate potential investments so that you get property that’s the right size and has the proper amenities within your price range. This saves you costs and maximises returns as you don’t end up buying property at inflated prices. Commercial property buyers’ advocates secure property that is neither too big nor too small for your needs. A property that is too big will have more expensive overheads and higher rates than a property that is the right size. A property that is too small might require you to rent additional space to facilitate your business’s processes. This pushes up your monthly expenses unnecessarily and could make the difference between decent profits and not-quite breaking even.

Here’s what you can expect if you partner with one of our commercial or residential property buyers' advocates today.



We understand the key market drivers in Sydney and other major cities in Australia, and can easily and quickly interpret current conditions to forecast future changes and determine property values.



We have access to a number of industry platforms, reports and tools that are expensive and not available to consumers, which allow us to go deeper in our research on each state, suburban area, and home.



It is “who you know” in real estate; our licensed buyers’ agents have a good relationship with and understanding of local sales agents, which is crucial to uncovering potential opportunities and getting the best deals.



Many properties are sold before they even appear on platforms like realestate.com.au. These off-market properties (also known as silent listings) are often powerful investment opportunities with lower competition than listed properties. Our property buyers’ agents have contacts who can make them privy to this information.



We know the stats of a good property and can quickly and easily determine whether a property has the right potential for rental income, capital growth, or a good lifestyle. Armed with this knowledge, our buyers’ agents can significantly improve your chances of not only finding a comfortable home for your family, but also ensure that your property is a sound investment for the future.



Just because a property looks good on paper does not mean it’s right for you. We’ll evaluate opportunities based on your specific wants and needs (mixed in with our expertise and recommendations). You can trust our real estate buyers’ agents to match suitable properties to your requirements.



Researching property is extremely time consuming, often resulting in weekends committed to open homes, and nights committed to online research and short-listing. Let our expert buyers’ agents lighten your load by doing this for you.



Finding the right property is often a highly stressful and emotional process. This can result in poor decisions and difficulty negotiating to a fair price without going over your limit. We’ll ensure that you have sufficient information to keep negotiations fair and, if necessary, our buyers’ agents will help keep you in check.

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About Propertybuyer & Our Buyers' Agents

Not only can our real estate buyers find suitable properties that meet your criteria on the market, they also have contacts that alert them to new properties that haven’t yet been advertised.

The expertise of our residential and commercial property buyers’ advocates enables them to use their knowledge to forecast market changes. This helps residential buyers decide on a location and property that is likely to gain value, and it helps commercial investors and landlords to maximise rental opportunities.

Propertybuyer is the most awarded buyers‘ agency in Australia. Among others, we’ve won the Australian Achiever Award for customer service twice, and have also won the REB Awards for excellence in real estate twice.

With all of these awards under our belt, you can rest assured that our licensed property buyers’ agents in Australia have the qualifications and experience to make your property dreams come true.

We've gone above and beyond to help over 3000 buyers and investors find their ideal properties. Why not join their ranks and let our buyers’ agents go above and beyond to help you?

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About Propertybuyer video transcription

Hi, I'm Rich Harvey, CEO and founder. Welcome to Propertybuyer. We'd love to help you buy your dream home investment property or commercial property.

Let's face it takes a lot of effort to find the right property. You can be trawling the internet every night, and spending all your weekends trying to find that ideal property. Maybe you've missed out an auction or you're just frustrated with dealing with agents, whatever the case, we're here to help you. Buying your home is usually the most expensive purchase you'll ever make, so it pays to get good advice.

So why use a buyer's agent? As buyers’ advocates, we know the tricks of the trade. We'll give you access to a much wider choice of properties both on and off the market. We’ll give you a short list of suitable properties that meet your individual requirements and will tell you exactly what the property is worth.

You'll have a professional negotiator that will secure the property at the best possible price and we’ll give you independent advice without fear or favor, and we're with you every step of the way.

So why use Propertybuyer? Well, we've won over 30 awards for excellence. We've been in business for over 17 years, and we've helped almost 3000 people find their ideal property.

I'm a qualified property investment advisor, and in a nutshell, where the industry leaders, but don't just take my word for it, have a look at the testimonials of our past clients on our website. They'll tell you the true story and the value they got from using our services.

We'd love to be part of your story in buying your next property. So please fill in your wishlist on the website or give us a call today. We'd love to help you!

Multi-Award Winning Buyers' Agency
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  •  Buyer’s Agent of the Year
  • property readers choice
  • reb awards gold 2016
  • reb finalist 2017
  • australian achiever awards 2017

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