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Completing a subdivision is a smart way to create profit in a relatively short time that can be used to purchase further property, or to recycle into another venture.

At propertybuyer, we have developed a streamlined system of finding, evaluating and securing profitable subdivision sites for our valued clients.  Using the skills and networks of a multi-award winning team of Buyers Advocates and consultants, we can assist you achieve your property goals at a faster rate and with less stress.  It makes sense to build a team of professional advisors around you that work in your best interests.

Finding suitable subdivision sites is difficult work.  It requires countless hours of searching, calling agents, talking to council planners, engineering consultants, town planners, market research and negotiation.  There are many hidden traps for the unwary when it comes to subdivisions.  Have you considered subsidence, run off, easements, covenants, sewerage, water and electricity access? Are you familiar with the local DCP (Development Control Plan) and other restrictions on land use?  What are the section 94 developer contributions?

As you can see, completing a subdivision is not for the ‘newbie’ investor.  It is for investors that have some level of comfort with risk and are prepared to work with professional consultants to achieve the most profitable outcome.

To work with propertybuyer using the subdivision strategy you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Have at least $100k in available cash or equity
  2. Be pre-approved or have ability to obtain finance pre-approval for a purchase price of at least $350,000
  3. Have invested in or purchased at least two properties
  4. Understand the nature of the risks of investing in a subdivision property

Key benefits of using propertybuyer

  • Stop wasting time searching and find sites pre-qualified for profitable subdivision
  • No need to wait for capital growth – create instant equity!
  • Receive independent and impartial advice
  • Completely project managed by propertybuyer
  • All costs and contract details of subdivision provided before committing to a purchase
  • Obtain access to our hand-picked consultants and tradespeople
  • No secret fees or kickbacks – full disclosure
  • Work with a trusted team of professionals
  • Fast track your property portfolio

Using our extensive networks and research skills of our buyers agents, we identify suburbs and regions where completing a subdivision is worthwhile.  Not all locations are equal.  We look at the supply and demand situation. We examine whether there are any significant developments about to take place in the area that could affecting local market pricing.  Once we have identified the right area, when then focus on finding suitable sites that would allow a profitable property subdivision.


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