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We provide expert help with real estate appraisal and purchasing price negotiations;

two critical steps in the home buying process


Professional and Expert Help with Real Estate Negotiation.

Buying a property is most likely to be the most expensive purchase you will make in your life. It’s not exactly something you do every day of the week (unless you are a buyers’ agent!). You don’t want to get fleeced by biased real estate agents who are anxious to keep their turnover ticking away. Fortunately, our buyers’ agents are skilled at property negotiations. With us by your side, you can save thousands of dollars during the price negotiation process..


In addition, we spare you the frustration of missing out at real estate auctions and private treaty negotiations for houses that are up for sale off-market.

A further benefit of using a buyers’ agent is the comprehensive appraisal of your chosen property. You want to be sure that you are getting value for money and aren’t going to end up with a home with a termite infestation or foundation damage.

Our valuation service ensures that the house complies with all of the conditions of property law in Australia, as well as the specific state or territory (NSW, VIC, and QLD), and even the specific city. This is because the minutiae of planning submissions and inspection certificates can vary, so the process in Sydney may differ from the process in Melbourne and Brisbane.

It’s important to note that in Australia the requirements may differ depending on whether you’re buying a home that will be your primary (main) residence or whether it’s an investment property that you intend to rent out for additional income.

Our buyers’ agents are au fait with all of the laws and regulations regarding the different types of property, as well as the laws and regulations applicable to each state or territory. In Propertybuyer’s case, this includes NSW, VIC, and QLD, as well as the major cities in each state, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Appraisals and valuations are conducted with all of these requirements in mind.

One of the bonuses of using one of our buyers’ agents to provide an appraisal for an investment property is access to other industry-related professionals, including property managers. We hold service providers, such as those who offer property management services, to the same high standards we impose on ourselves. We recommend only those who are experienced and who have earned excellent reputations for their efficient project management skills.


A selling agent VS a buyers' agent

A selling agent works exclusively for the vendor (person selling the property) in real estate negotiation. They want to secure the highest price possible, and if negotiation is not your forte, you could end up paying more for your home than is ideal. There’s also the risk that your offer is declined outright and you lose out to someone with deeper pockets – or with a better credit score and more favourable mortgage rate.

An independent buyers’ agent, on the other hand, works with your best interests at heart. They take a firm but fair approach to negotiate the best outcome for you. Your buyers’ agent provides a buffer of protection between you and the real estate sales agent, so don’t end up paying too much for a property. They also work hard to ensure you appear the wisest choice and the safest bet so vendors are only too happy to accept your offer.


How Our Property Negotiation Service Works

Our appraisal and negotiation services are ideal for those who enjoy the search for the perfect house or apartment, but who want to bring in the experts to get the true market value of the property. Following which their buyers’ agent can negotiate the right price for the property.

We establish the true market value of your chosen property by conducting a detailed analysis using our knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as our access to extensive sales databases. Our real estate negotiators can also identify future investment potential by evaluating projected capital growth rates in the area.

Propertybuyer provides an objective and unbiased view on the property’s true worth and removes the emotion from the buying process. This, coupled with our expert negotiation skills, mean our clients can save tens of thousands of dollars (far in excess of our fee). With our buyers’ agents in your corner, you can buy with confidence and be assured that you pay the right price every time.

Negotiating house prices is an art and requires considerable skill and knowledge of the specific area in which you want to buy; for example, Summer Hill in Sydney, to get the best result. Trust our experts to accurately appraise your next property, and negotiate the right price on your behalf.

We understand the tricks of the trade, as well as how real estate sales agents operate. Sales patter is lost on us as we get on with the business of price negotiation.

Thanks to our experience, we know how to present offers at the right time and in the best possible way to put – and keep – our buyers in the front of the queue.

We offer a fixed fee for our negotiation service, so you can be confident there is no bias when we negotiate a price that fits your budget. Our appraisal and valuation services are completely transparent with no hidden fees, so know your costs up front.

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