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Are you looking for luxury property for sale in Sydney? Did you know that the majority of prestige properties are sold off market (not listed in the traditional way)? We’re professional house hunters who’ll act as your private investigators in uncovering those luxury properties that are rarely advertised for sale (silent listings). If you’re looking for upmarket properties you need to be in the loop and have an inside track to find exclusive real estate in Sydney. And we’ll keep it under wraps. As prestige buyers agents, confidentiality and discretion are our watchwords when you’re searching for prestige property in Sydney.


"They managed to find a serious diamond in the rough that I never would have found myself and negotiated a very attractive purchase price."" - James S



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As prestige buyers' agents, confidentiality and discretion is assured!


"They managed to find a serious diamond in the rough that I never would have found myself and negotiated a very attractive purchase price."" - James S

What Is The Difference Between a Buyers’ Agent & Selling Agent?

Are you frustrated with real estate agents and fruitless searching for prestige property?

A Buyers’ Agent works exclusively for you (the buyer) while a selling agent works for the vendor. If you were to approach a local selling agent, they will only show you properties that they have personally listed for sale.

They will not show the whole portfolio of prestige Sydney property that other agents have on their books within your price range. We work tirelessly, researching Sydney luxury real estate to find your dream home. The local sales agent may say they “will keep an eye out for you”, but the reality is they will put you on a database and only send you prestige properties they occasionally list for sale.

If you are looking for mansions for sale, luxury homes, top-floor penthouses, luxury villas, mansions, a prestige house with privacy or apartments with stunning views, we can be your eyes and ears in the Australian real estate market.

Interested to know more? Read more from Rich Harvey as he explains how the prestige property market works.

Our buyers’ agents are professionally trained to find upmarket homes and luxury beach houses in Sydney’s top suburbs.


How Our Prestige Buyers' Agents Can Help You

The number of million dollar homes for sale has increased dramatically in recent times. Sydney boasts over 410 suburbs with a median price of over $1 million and 91 suburbs with a median price over $2 million, which means that the prestige market has become very competitive. To find and secure these prestige properties, you need an exclusive buyers’ agent on your side.

Our process puts you in the front seat and ensures you get the upmarket property of your dreams without wasting time or over paying.

  1. We take time to understand your individual needs by creating a personalised “property brief” which helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. We then contact every local sales agent to provide you with a shortlist of all the prestige properties in Sydney which fits your profile.
  3. Once you have viewed your favourite options and have made a choice, we’ll then assist with the negotiations and settlement to ensure you’re paying the right price.
  4. Our extensive network of connections and luxury property listings will save you months and even years of searching.

We know about all the prestige houses for sale and can help you find your magnificent luxury home.

Our awarding winning service gives you the upper-hand in prestige property negotiations too. As we have no vested interest in selling anything, we provide you with impartial and unbiased advice on the true value and pricing of Sydney’s premier homes. Even if you are a good negotiator, our insider information, knowledge of current market trends and professional skills have proven highly successful for all our past clients.

Whether you are a busy professional, business owner, celebrity, CEO, sport star, executive, foreign investor or expat, we treat your prestige property search as if it were our own. Where privacy or anonymity is vital, we can protect your identity with complete confidentiality. Trust us to find your perfect luxury home in Sydney.

Finding upmarket property and luxury real estate for sale is all about connections and insider information as a significant number are sold “off market.” We have long-standing relationships with a wide spectrum of agents to uncover exclusive properties and mansions for sale.


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