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We didn't know where to start, we hadn't bought property in Australia. We bought property overseas and knew the process there, but this is a very different market. So we felt we needed people who understood that. When we started becoming serious about the search we began to realize that there was so much inventory that if we were doing the search ourselves we just didn't have access. It's just the way of the market. And that's when we realized we're definitely going to need a property buyer. Munro was great and very diligent, always picks up the phone, always answers a text message. He's on it, once you appoint him he goes for it.

- Nicole


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Our Buyers’ Agents Find Exclusive Prestige Property for sale in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Did you know that OVER 50% of prestige properties are sold off-market?

Our buyers’ agents will help uncover this hidden prestige property market and track down the ideal luxury property for sale that suits your individual needs. Forget trawling the real estate portals to find your prestige home - use our insider knowledge and connections to discover the perfect luxury home in the most exclusive suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  

We’ve got the top-end real estate market covered for you. Whether you’re looking in Brighton, Toorak, Canterbury or Malvern for prestige property for sale our Melbourne Buyers Agent has your back. If you’re looking in Point Piper, Vaucluse, Bellevue Hill, Mosman, Cremorne, or Palm Beach our Sydney Buyers’ Agent has the inside track. If you’re looking in Hamilton, Teneriffe, New Farm, Chandler, Bulimba, or Highgate Hill for exclusive penthouses or mansions our Brisbane Buyers’ Agent is perfectly suited for the task. 

It’s important to note that our expert buyers’ agents cover more than the major cities. They also ply their craft across NSW, VIC, and QLD and other regions in Australia.

Choose Propertybuyer

Want to stay anonymous and buy under the radar, out of the prying eyes of the media? We can be your eyes and ears in the luxury property market and carry out our search with complete confidentiality. 

With over 20 years’ experience, the most extensive network of all buyers’ agents, and with 36 Awards for Excellence, the choice to use Propertybuyer is simple. 

It’s important to engage an independent buyers’ agent who specialises in luxury real estate; someone with intimate knowledge of the high-end suburbs in your area of interest. You want a prestige property buyers’ agent who has the professional network and contacts necessary to find off-market properties (silent listings) for sale that meet your criteria without encumbering you with unwanted features and amenities that add to the cost.

Propertybuyer’s prestige property buyers’ agents pay attention to your brief, sourcing only exclusive properties that tick all of your boxes. Rest assured that we won’t try to sell you all of those extras in a mansion or penthouse that you don’t want or need.

Our luxury real estate buyers’ agents have the expertise and discretion necessary to navigate the exclusive prestige property market and find suitable properties for sale.

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"They managed to find a serious diamond in the rough that I never would have found myself and negotiated a very attractive purchase price."" - James S



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"They managed to find a serious diamond in the rough that I never would have found myself and negotiated a very attractive purchase price."" - James S

What Is The Difference Between a Buyers’ Agent & Selling Agent?

Are you frustrated with real estate agents and fruitless searching for prestige property?

A Buyers’ Agent works exclusively for you (the buyer) while a selling agent works for the vendor (the seller). If you were to approach a local selling agent, they would only show you properties that they have personally listed for sale. If you’re looking for a prestige property in Sydney, for example, they’ll only show you their specific portfolio of properties in your price range.

They may say they “will keep an eye out for you”, but then just add you to a database and only send you prestige properties they occasionally list for sale.

They could also completely ignore the brief and show you luxury properties that are entirely unsuitable simply because they want to remove them from their books – and net a healthy commission in the process.

Take this scenario in Sydney, for example:

You may be looking for a five-bedroom prestige property with a three-car garage, a tennis court, and two-acre garden. A prestige seller’s real estate agent might show you several mansions for sale with extra features, like a guest cottage, infinity pool, heated indoor pool, and stables. They might punt the extra features as value for money, or insist they add value to the property and are worth extending your price range considerably, regardless of the fact that you don’t like swimming and don’t have horses.

They could even show you prestige properties in their portfolio, which are so far out of Sydney that they definitely fall into the broader NSW luxury real estate market.

Our buyers’ agents, on the other hand, work tirelessly to investigate the whole portfolio of prestige properties for sale in Sydney’s luxury suburban areas, sticking exclusively to Sydney and your preferred areas in the city. We undertake to meet the specific requirements of your dream home, whether that’s a large family mansion, top-floor penthouse, luxury holiday villa, or an investment in a string of apartments with stunning views.

Interested to know more about luxury real estate for sale? Read more from Rich Harvey as he explains how the prestige property market works.

Our buyers’ agents are professionally trained to find upmarket homes and luxury beach houses in Sydney’s top suburbs.


How Can Our Prestige Property Buyers' Agents Help You?

We can be your eyes and ears in Australia’s prestige real estate market.

The number of million-dollar homes for sale in Australia has increased dramatically in recent times; especially in NSW, VIC, and QLD, and even more especially in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Sydney alone boasts over 410 suburbs with a median price of over $1 million and 91 suburbs with a median price over $2 million, which means that the prestige property market has become very competitive. To find and secure these prestige properties, you need an exclusive buyers’ agent who specialises in Sydney’s luxury real estate on your side.

Finding prestige property and luxury real estate for sale is all about connections and insider information as a significant number are sold “off market.” We have long-standing relationships with a large number of agents in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to uncover exclusive properties and mansions available for sale in upmarket suburbs, as well as high-yield high-growth luxury property investment areas.

Our process puts you in the front seat and ensures you get the prestige property of your dreams without wasting time or over paying.

  1. We take time to understand your individual needs by creating a personalised “property brief” which helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for in the prestige real estate market.
  2. We then contact all of the local sales agents with whom we have a relationship to provide you with a shortlist of all the prestige properties for sale in Sydney which fit your profile.
  3. Once you have visited the properties that pique your interest and made your final decision as to which prestige property you want to call home, we’ll assist with the negotiations and settlement to ensure you’re paying the right price.
  4. Our extensive network of connections and luxury property listings, for both personal and investment purposes, will save you months and even years of searching.

It’s our prestige property buyers’ agents’ business to know about all the prestige houses for sale in their local markets. They are perfectly positioned to help you find your magnificent luxury home, be it a sprawling mansion or coveted penthouse with spectacular views of the harbour.

We have no vested interest in selling properties. We simply want to switch the onus of house hunting from you to our buyers’ agents. We achieve this by providing you with impartial and unbiased advice on the true value and pricing of prestige real estate in Sydney. Our awarding-winning service presents you with suitable silent listings, and gives you the upper-hand in prestige property negotiations too.

Even if you are a good negotiator, our buyers’ agents’ insider information, knowledge of current market trends, and incisive skills cut through sales patter to deliver highly successful results for our clients.

Privacy is highly valued in the prestige property market

Many buyers and sellers in the prestige property market prefer to conduct transactions under the radar. They do this partly to avoid prying eyes, time wasters, and becoming tabloid fodder. Due to the thoroughness of our discrete prestige property buyers’ agents, only qualified buyers with the financial resources necessary to guarantee a purchase are presented to sellers. This saves time for both parties and avoids unnecessary frustration.

We pride ourselves on our confidentiality and discretion; whether you are a busy CEO, business owner, celebrity, sport star, foreign investor or expat, anonymity is guaranteed. We protect your identity throughout the prestige property purchase process, from initial contact through research, price negotiations, and the arrangement of necessary inspections.

Our confidentiality guarantee means we work with other experts in the luxury real estate market who have unimpeachable reputations for discretion. For example, if you have bought prestige property in Australia for investment purposes, we can recommend experienced property managers who will discreetly take on the day-to-day tasks of running a rental property investment. This means that if the tenants have any complaints, your manager resolves them quietly with diplomacy and finesse.

Professionals who specialise in property management for the exclusive high-end real estate market also ensure that potential tenants are thoroughly and discretely vetted with comprehensive background checks and impeccable references. After all, you don’t want troublesome tenants who think nothing of casual destruction or even severe destruction of your expensive, exclusive property during a string of raucous parties.

As you can see, confidential and discrete property management services for prestige investments play a valuable role in keeping you out of the headlines in Australia and the rest of the world.

We exercise the same care in finding luxury property for you, as we would if we were searching for own property for sale.

Trust us to find your perfect luxury home in Sydney and other major cities in Australia.


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