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Our buyers' agents help home buyers find their dream home in Melbourne. We also help property investors find the perfect investment property in the city.


Our Buyers’ Agents Specialise in All Aspects of Melbourne’s Property Market: from Commercial Property Investment to Exclusive Prestige Houses and Apartments


Homebuyers: Are you looking to buy in Australia’s most liveable city? Melbourne boasts a vast range of stylish and sophisticated real estate options, from family-friendly homes to luxury inner-city apartments and sprawling mansions. Our Buyers’ Agents in Melbourne will help you uncover the best properties in the suburbs that best fit your family’s budget and personal preferences.

Property Investors: Melbourne’s real estate market has excellent potential for long-term capital growth. Our buyers’ agents will tell you where to invest in property in Melbourne and pin-point the best suburbs for potential growth, including inner-city and outer-suburban options. Should you prefer to explore Melbourne’s commercial property investment market, you’ll find our buyers’ advocates are equally knowledgeable about all of the industrial real estate opportunities available.


Take a Look at How Our Buyers’ Advocates in Melbourne Can Help You

Our buyers’ agents simplify the buying and property investment process for you. This includes getting you the best price at Melbourne’s popular property auctions. We also deliver prestige off-market real estate opportunities, including luxury penthouses and mansions for sale in Melbourne.

In addition, you can trust our buyers’ agents to find exactly what you’re looking for in rental properties, whether you want to invest in Melbourne’s luxury real estate market or get your feet wet as an investor in industrial real estate.

It’s an easy step-by-step process to get started with property investment in Melbourne

Five simple steps are all it takes to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision before you invest a small fortune in a home for your family, or in an investment nest egg for your retirement.

Step 1: Complete our simple property brief to tell us what type of real estate you want to buy (e.g., family home, student apartment, prestige property, or commercial or industrial property) and which of Melbourne’s suburbs you prefer.

Step 2: We’ll get in touch with you to discuss your brief in more detail and, based on the information you provide, we’ll develop a strategy to meet your real estate purchasing and investment goals.

Step 3: Our buyers’ agents will use their in-depth knowledge of your chosen area in Melbourne to find properties that best meet your wants and needs. Following this, our buyers’ advocates will help you narrow down the options until you have a workable shortlist.

Step 4: As specialists, our buyers’ agents have the expertise to work with you, to critically evaluate the properties on your shortlist. In this way, you only visit properties that meet your criteria and are within your price range. You’re saved from wasting time and energy visiting properties that are off the mark and out of your budget.

Step 5: Lastly, we negotiate terms with the seller’s real estate agent or vendor’s advocate to secure the property at a favourable price. This is particularly important because vendor advocacy does for sellers what buyer advocacy does for you, the purchaser. They operate with the seller’s best interests at heart. As a result, negotiations can be delicate and are best handled by experts.

As an added bonus, our network of industry-related contacts enables us to provide you with a list of Melbourne’s property managers to help you with time-consuming details, including vetting tenants, collecting rent, and property inspections.

An additional benefit when you work with one of our buyer’s agents

As an added bonus, our network of industry-related contacts throughout Australia enables us to provide you with a list of Melbourne’s best and most reputable property managers to help you with time-consuming and often frustrating details. Our buyers’ agents will put you in touch with experts in commercial property management, or those who provide rental property management services for family residences in Melbourne.

If you’re buying an investment property in Melbourne, whether it’s commercial or residential, property managers take care of all rental-specific tasks. These include vetting potential tenants, collecting rent, and resolving tenants’ complaints.

Commercial and residential property management in Melbourne also includes regular inspections of the property for damage and arranging for the renewal of certain certificates, including plumbing and electrical safety certificates required by property law in Victoria.

This is why we ensure that any property manager we recommend is fully versed in the legal requirements as they pertain specifically to VIC.

Mark Mordaunt
April 2021
For anyone not comfortable or unable to deal directly with real estate agents a buyers agent is a great choice and Amanda from Propertybuyer in Melbourne is one of the best i have dealt with.
Brian & Elle
April 2021
It's been such a pleasure dealing with Amanda throughout the whole negotiating process. As first home buyers who have finally found the right property, having her on our side proved to be invaluable...
Joshua Keeley
April 2021
As first time investors, securing the services of Amanda was probably the best move we made. We were made to feel comfortable right from the start and our advisor, Amanda was very personable as well as knowledgeable.

The Melbourne Property Market

Melbourne’s property market has proven to be more resilient than many other cities, with the most recent example being its bounce back from the dip during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The strict lockdown restrictions in Australia virtually froze all residential property and commercial real estate activity.

Now, want-to-be residential property owners and industrial real estate investors in Melbourne and the state of VIC in general, are once again buying property, with major growth occurring in the sub-regions and north-eastern suburbs of the city.

Family homes, in particular, are in high-demand as people reassess their needs; for instance, they’re now looking for office space so that they can work comfortably from home. Bigger gardens are also high on the list of criteria, so that their children can amuse themselves for hours on end and their dogs don’t go stir-crazy being confined to a small yard.

Capitalise on local property auctions

Thanks to their buyers’ advocates, many buyers during this period were able to capitalise on the number of property auctions in Melbourne, both residential and commercial.

Home hunters who missed out during that period of booming property auctions in Melbourne are now considering suburbs a little further out. The Doncaster, Blackburn, Donvale, and Ringwood areas in Melbourne, for example, have large size blocks ripe for renovation or rebuilding.

Your buyers’ agent will have the inside scoop on properties coming up for auction across Melbourne, so you can still get a great deal. Your agent will ensure that you don’t get carried away at auctions and that you bid sensibly on property that meets your needs the most.

Note that even if you don’t get the perfect property, the money you save at an auction can be used to remodel the house to your taste. This is an especially good idea for people who are into DIY renovations. Auctions are also great for people who want to flip a house and make a tidy profit in Melbourne’s property market.

Some of the most promising areas for property investment in Melbourne are in high-end suburbs, where prestige property offers outstanding capital growth. High growth areas that yield tremendous return on real estate investment in Melbourne include St. Kilda West, Portsea, Kingsville, and St. Andrews Beach. Growth in these suburbs is at the 1000% mark! The best way to capitalise on these prestige investment opportunities is to consult a buyers’ agent who specialises in the luxury real estate market in Melbourne. In this way you can easily find the best mansions and penthouses for sale.

When looking for investment properties, especially in the prestige market, it’s a good idea to talk to a registered financial services provider about which is best for your financial goals: positive geared or positive cash flow property. The decision you make will affect your rental income, and has several other financial consequences that you need to consider.

First-time buyers and investors benefit from buyers’ agents’ services

First-time buyers looking for an entry level home should cast their eye on property within 10km – 20km from the CBD, especially in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs. Maidstone, Footscray, and Preston are all good for property investments and they’re all at the 10km radius mark.

Those looking for affordable apartments should look at Maidstone and Footscray. Families wanting to move to these areas in Melbourne are best advised to consult a buyers’ agent to help them find properties close to parks, schools, and transport links.

If you want neither an entry-level home nor prestige property, buyers’ advocates in Melbourne can show you suburbs that have been highly rated for lifestyle, safety, and entertainment opportunities. Some of these include South Yarra (cafes, shopping, nightlife and public transport); Carlton (restaurants and well-established café culture, museums, proximity to the CBD); and East Melbourne (cafes, public gardens, and transport links).

It’s notable that while proximity to parks, schools and transport links have always attracted buyers, a new priority has entered the scene: Proximity to cafes or coffee shops. There is a new appreciation for relaxed social gatherings where people can enjoy the peace and quiet of their neighbourhood, while also enjoying a cup of tea and a chocolate chip muffin.

Home buyers who want an affordable change in lifestyle should consider the Bayside areas of Melbourne, including Beaumaris, Mordialloc, Carrum Downs, Aspendale, Seaford, Parkdale, and Cheltenham. These areas have become very popular, because they all have school zones and great public transport links that home buyers and property investors are drawn to.


Location and Transport Links in Melbourne

Melbourne has a well-established public transport system that enables you to get from the suburbs to the city, and around the city, easily and cheaply.

Once you get a Myki smartcard you can travel on Melbourne’s trams, trains, and buses. You can top up your Myki card online. You can download maps and timetables so that you can plan your trip down to the minute. There is a Myki app available for Android phones.

Melbourne’s Night Network provides 24-hour transport on weekends so you don’t have to cut your night out short to make the bus. You can catch the Night Bus from six locations in the inner-city and you won’t even have to wait long because a bus departs every 30 minutes.

Free Tram Zone is most often used by residents to get from one area in the city to another. City Circle Tram is free to passengers who want to get around the city’s major attractions. It’s popular among residents and tourists.

If you prefer getting around by car, you can catch a taxi at various locations, which you will find on your map. You can also car share, if you so choose.

Buses and trains are available for city, regional and interstate travel.


Recreation and Other Amenities in Melbourne

Melbourne’s climate tends to be subtropical, which is great for outdoor activities. It’s also quite windy, which is great for surfers. For those who don’t surf, there are plenty of indoor entertainment options to enjoy.

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) features contemporary art by international and local artists. ACCA hosts several talks, lectures, performances, and events throughout the year in Melbourne. Entry is free.

The Australian Music Vault is a free exhibition for music lovers. It includes interactive experiences, recordings of interviews with musicians and other industry professionals, and even an exhibition of costumes international stars have worn at iconic concerts. Entry is free.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has two locations in Victoria, one in Melbourne and one in Cranbourne. The Melbourne Gardens has treats for all tastes, including lakes for picnics and punting, plant collections for gardening buffs, guided walks, the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, cafes, and a children’s garden. Entry is free. The Botanic Garden is only one of many gardens in Melbourne. A city guide can show you where to find them all. Alternatively, you can explore them at your leisure, uncovering treasures as you go.

Kids will enjoy the Interaxcity Children’s Museum in Melbourne where their imaginations can run free and their curiosity can be satisfied. Kids can be chefs, pilots, car mechanics, and a range of other professions. They can learn through interactive exhibits and play. It’s best for kindergarten-age children. It’s incredibly popular so you have to book your spot. It costs AUD$18 to get in, which includes one adult and one child.

Cycling is a popular activity in Melbourne; in fact, many people cycle as their chosen means of transport. Cyclists make use of the city’s cycling network, which has over 135km of on and off-road routes.

Of course, there are Melbourne's beaches. The sea is not as warm here as it is along more northern cities on the coast, but the beaches are great for picnics, people-watching, building sand castles, and all forms of surfing, including kitesurfing and windsurfing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth using a buyers’ agent?

If you want to save time and money – and stress – then yes, it is definitely worth using a buyers’ agent. Their expert knowledge of the local market makes buying real estate in Melbourne easy. They know the pros and cons of different suburbs and have access to the latest data that impacts sales, including capital growth and recent sales prices. They have networks of industry-related professionals, which gives them the inside track when it comes to finding off-market properties.

Buyers’ agents are particularly useful when it comes to getting the right price at real estate auctions in Melbourne, and when providing independent (unbiased) property valuations. They are expert negotiators and work exclusively on your behalf to get your ideal property within your budget.

Buyers’ agents are also known as buyers’ advocates, and they can play an essential role in finding property that meets your specifications, whether it’s a family home, luxury retirement apartment, or an addition to your existing property investments. 

Buyers’ agents can be considered particularly important when it comes to investing in property, as they know which areas will be able to deliver your goals, whether you want a positive cashflow or positive geared property in Melbourne.

How do I find my best buyers’ agent?

To start with, you want to engage an independent buyers’ agent who acts exclusively on your behalf, and not an agent who works for a real estate agency, where bias leans to the agency’s property listings. Mortgage lenders can often point you in the direction of an independent agent. Google and social media platforms are great for customer reviews. Look for buyers’ agents who are properly qualified and licensed to act in Victoria. 

Interview the agents on your shortlist. Feel free to interview several agents. Many buyers’ agencies have a short online questionnaire for you to provide the bare details of your ideal property. They then get in touch to discuss the brief in more depth. You can use this as a way to choose the agent who is the best fit for you.

Make a point of discussing fees with potential buyers’ advocates. Fees should be transparent and clearly stated so that you aren’t surprised by hidden expenses. Your buyers’ advocate should also be a registered member of relevant industry regulatory bodies to ensure that their services are high quality, that they participate in ongoing professional development, and that they abide by ethical business practices.

What is the difference between a buyers’ agent and a sellers’ agent?

A buyers’ agent has the buyers’ best interests at heart. They work to find and secure the ideal property using advanced research and negotiating skills.

Sellers’ agents represent the seller or vendor. They work to market the property and negotiate terms that are in the best interests of the vendor. If you’re looking for vendor advocacy in Melbourne, you can use similar methods as those looking for buyers’ advocates.