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Our buyers' agents have helped thousands of home buyers and investors Australia-wide. Watch our latest video testimonials below to find out how we helped and what they had to say.

"We didn't know where to start, we hadn't bought property in australia. We bought property overseas and knew the process there, but this is a very different market. So we felt we needed people who understood that.

When we started becoming serious about the search we began to realize that there was so much inventory that if we were doing the search ourselves we just didn't have access. It's just the way of the market. And that's when we realized we're definitely going to need a property buyer.

Munro was great and very diligent, always picks up the phone, always answers a text message. He's on it, once you appoint him he goes for it."

Client - Nicole


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Leyla – Homebuyer

Buyers' agent - Munro Donen

"Out biggest challenge looking on our own was the tough market, because a lot of the high quality properties are gone before they even hit the market, they didn't even publish the ad.

Munro knows the Eastern Suburbs market very well. He knows the value of the property, which you as being a regular customer wouldn't be able to recognise that right away"


Fraser – Homebuyer

Buyers' agent - Matt Corbett

"We struggled, some properties were advertised ten percent less than our budget but unfortunately went for way above.

Matt knows all of the agents in the beaches very well, and he knows how to play a strategy for each type of property as well as each type of agent."


Lara – Propertybuyer East – Homebuyer

Buyers' agent - Munro Donen

"I think that times are so eratic today, that you just have to trust the person that you choose to buy your property on your behalf. I don't think there's a black and white manual for anything that's happening in the property market today.

Munro doesn't give up. Morning, noon and night he's sending you through properties, and then he follows them up with phone calls, and then he does drive by's, and then he does walk through's, and then he gives you information on the areas around your property, and then he tells you how long it'll take you to walk to the beach, and where you can get a cuppacino.

I have to give Propertybuyers' service a five star rating."


Client - Emilie – Homebuyer

Buyers' agent - Matt Corbett

"It paid off for us. I thought Matt was fantastic, I was very impressed with his skills and also with his network. He has that rapport with most real estate agents and he also knows their backstory. He's a great buyer's agent, he's got a lot of experience and is a fantastic negotiator.

I'll rate Propertybuyer 10 out of 10 to be honest, they're very professional and have very good knowledge of the market."


Client - Joshua – Investor

Buyers' agent - Stewart Fraser

"It saved a lot of time. It got things done quickly. In a fast moving market, each month you delay it is costing you money. There was a huge opportunity cost, to miss out consistently, if I'd engaged a bit sooner, having someone that could secure the property.

I was getting to a point where land taxes made it a bit more attractive to buy interstate, It just would have saved time learning the different rules to buying interstate as well.

Stewart showed me properties that met the brief, probably stuff that I wouldn't have considered inititally. He also had a list of contacts that made it easier. There are a lot of people I'd recommend Propertybuyer to."


Client - Josh

"We are overseas so we needed somebody on the ground in Australia to help us identify property. Also, we have always been looking for somebody to assist us as a buyers agent and unfortunately we have had some less than positive experiences before we found Propertybuyer and we were introduced to Rich.

I can’t speak highly enough of Kevin, he is absolutely amazing. If you are buying a property, I think the first and most important thing is you want to be dealing with someone you trust - and Kevin Mason is exactly that."


Client - Sandy

"Well for me being a single women was quite challenging and i think some real estate agents find it difficult to communicate with a women. The main reason was that in 2016 I used a buyers agent and that was a great outcome. I probably looked at 20 homes with Matt and decided to use him again… he was like a lifeline to me. He communicated with the estate agents, he met all my needs, he was reassuring that everything was going to be okay and in addition to that he was incredibly approachable.

In my second experience, it elevated all the stress and made the challenge of buying a home much easier. I felt understood and supported all the way along during the whole process."


Clients - Keno & Melanie

"Having worked in the professional service environment, we knew and understood the value of engaging an expert. So we decided to engage with Propertybuyer based on three things. The reputation business had in the market, we understand that the business had won multiple awards within the industry, its media presence - I have listened to a number of Rich’s podcasts so you are well known within the industry. And obviously the accreditation behind that as well."


Client - Stephan Post

"I give you ten out of ten. I got an investment property with good return, I got a property with a reliable tenant. Yeah, so every box was ticked in the end, I couldn't ask for anything more."


Clients - Sarah and Jeff Hall

"Rich said at the time, you know most people get a house between eight to twelve weeks, and I was having my doubts towards the end of last year that that was going to be me. But it all just worked and it was so smooth. So no, I couldn't fault the experience, couldn't fault working with Rich, and would recommend using him to anyone."


Client - Pamela

"It was excellent value for money. I had already been through the stress of selling over a period of months. So I had no stress with buying this place. Everything was taken care of. I'd say go for it. I've been raving about Propertybuyer ever since I've had this fabulous outcome."


Clients - Mo and Yas

"The best thing that I really enjoyed, and I saved a lot of money at the end, was the negotiation skills. If you like the property, what's the next step? How do you choose your lawyer? With the help of Propertybuyer you can make this tough decision, and know that it's the right decision, because you always bounce your idea back at your buyers' agent."


Clients - Jo and Fab

"He vetted the process for us to make it easier. So the ones that he knew, yep, this would be a goal for us, that's when he would let us know about it. But he did the inspections himself, did the valuations, and if it didn't meet our criteria or must-haves then he didn't waste our time. This is our first time buying a home in Sydney, it's kind of a different animal and you don't want to overlook anything because it can cost you in the long run."


Client - James

"The buyers' agent that Propertybuyer put me in touch with, Kevin, knew a lot of people that helped the whole process go along. The property that that I ended up buying was very unique, and that caused some issues for financing. He had mortgage brokers and conveyancers at his fingertips, and pretty much everybody that he introduced me to throughout the process was very helpful. They're people that I'll stay in touch with and and continue working with throughout the future."


Client - Hanna Goodridge

"Particularly for expats looking to buy, having those independent eyes and ears on the ground to go and look at properties for you, I felt that Matt really understood what our needs were in terms of the house. When he'd go to inspect a property, the feedback he gave us was very much in line with how it suited our taste and our requirements. It was a five-star process with propertybuyer. Everything from the initial discussions with matt to how quick he was to respond to our emails."


Clients - Byrne and Vicki

"It's important to do your own research and understand what you want from a property, so that you can give the agents a good brief. They're then able to do their best work. Certainly, it was good value for money in the end. We didn't overpay for the property in my opinion. We were able to leverage those relationships with the agencies. Ten out of ten. Yeah, very happy with it."


Client - Allen

"Using Propertybuyer was a very positive experience. Kevin, our agent, was very informative, kept us up to date on all the properties that we'd made offers on. For us as a busy family, it gave us a point of contact for agents to contact in relation to properties that we'd made offers on, or which Kevin had looked at on our behalf. Kevin didn't push our limits. We had a budget and he stuck to that budget. Very clear in what we wanted and I think we ended up with a good result at the end of the day."