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Auction Bidding Service

Why a property auction can be a highly stressful experience, we often see nervous buyers at auction intimidated by agents and unsure how or when to be. It's easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and go beyond your limit. Too often we see buyers looking uncomfortable as they bid more than they can afford.

As professional buyers’ advocates, we know the systems and the tactics that agents and auctioneers use to make buyers bid beyond their comfort zone. We've represented hundreds of buyers at auction, and we've saved them 10s of thousands of dollars. We know how to read the auction situation and play the right moves when to bid and when to back off.

We provide a clear auction strategy to provide the best possible opportunity to secure the property on your behalf. If you're overseas or interstate, we can also be under a power of attorney without you needing to even attend the auction. We stick to your agreed limit and walk away if the bidding goes over. Or if the property passes in, we enter into post auction negotiations.

One of the best things about engaging us to bid on your behalf and auction is we exude confidence and help you from becoming emotionally involved in the process. Please fill in your details on the property brief form or give us a call today, we'd be delighted to help.

Have you missed out at auction recently?  Nervous about how to bid or not sure what bidding limit to set? 

Auctions can be an excellent way to buy property, but it can be difficult to gain the upper hand when bidding. We are expert auction negotiators and have saved our clients many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars by knowing how to play the right moves at auction.

Our Auction Bidding Process

It is easy to get caught up in the emotional roller coaster of the moment at auctions and bid too high or too quickly. As impartial buyers’ agents we take out the emotion and go to the auction with the full knowledge of the property’s current market value – to prevent you from paying too much.

We develop a clear auction strategy to provide the best possible opportunity to secure the property on your behalf. We help you work out your maximum purchase price well before the auction and leave nothing to chance.  Our property auction agents know the auction process inside out and know which tactics actually work.  We give you the confidence in what can be quite an intimidating environment.

With a Buyers’ Agent representing you at auction will save time, money and stress and receive expert advice. With substantial experience our auction bidding agents we will save you far in excess of our fees! Engage our expert negotiators today to bid on your behalf at your next home auction.

In today’s competitive real estate market it is definitely worthwhile using our Appraise & Negotiation service. Under this option we can negotiate prior to auction to help put you to the front of the queue and secure the property before it goes to auction.


Our Auction Bidding Fees

Auction Bidding fees are just $550 as an attendance fee plus a success of $1100 if we secure the property under auction conditions. It's a small investment to make for using a professional negotiator and avoiding the stress of auctions.


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