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Are You Interested in Becoming a Property Investor?
Then you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Which suburbs in Australia have strong capital growth?
  2. How can you secure positive cashflow property?
  3. What about yield versus capital growth in property investment?
  4. If want to invest in the real estate market in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, does an inner-city apartment make a good property investment.
  5. Are freestanding houses outside the CBD a better investment?
  6. What strategy should I use to start building a property investment portfolio?

The answers to these questions are of paramount importance to property investors. However, the research involved can be overwhelming if you’re not a professional. Fortunately, our buyers’ agents are property investment experts, and they can help design an investment strategy that is just right for you in the context of your needs and goals, and the current property investment market in Australia.

Our buyers’ agents have a finger directly on the pulse of real estate in Australia and will give you exactly what you need to help you make a solid and informed investment decision. Propertybuyer’s buyers' agents combine insider knowledge and market connections with extensive research and buying experience to help new and experienced property investors make the best decisions possible.


Propertybuyer's Award-Winning Strategies for Successful Property Investors:

Property is a great way to invest your money and can provide excellent returns, if you do it correctly. As the country’s most awarded Buyers’ Advocates, we’ve given over 3000 property investors independent and professional advice on how to invest in real estate in Australia. If you engage with Propertybuyer, we’ll guide you through the following steps to develop a successful property investment plan.

STEP 1 - STRATEGY: Investing in property starts with extensive research. We use your personal requirements as a base to design a property investment strategy for your individual situation.

STEP 2 - RESEARCH: Once we’ve come up with a personalised investment plan, we use our unique data platform, “Suburb SelectorTM”, to conduct extensive market analysis, which enables us to identify suburbs and properties in Australia that are most likely to deliver the best returns.

STEP 3 - SHORTLISTING: We ensure that every opportunity is evaluated against dozens of factors, including local market conditions, comparable sales and property specifications. We then use your requirements to shortlist the investment opportunities most suitable to your needs. The shortlist comprises properties advertised on the market, as well as the “off-market” opportunities our buyers’ agents are so skilled at uncovering.

STEP 4 - APPRAISAL: Once you’ve decided on a particular property, your buyers’ advocate will carry out an appraisal and provide you with an accurate estimated value for your potential purchase.

STEP 5 - NEGOTIATE & SECURE: Once you’ve made the final decision about which property you want to buy, your buyers’ advocate will negotiate the best price and terms to secure the property. They’ll also arrange inspections and facilitate the exchange of contracts.

Suburb SelectorTM is a comprehensive property investment analysis platform using over 35 key criteria, including annual capital growth, median rent, rental yield, vacancy rate, number of sales, days on market, population, gross weekly income, median monthly mortgage repayments, online search demand, and many more. It doesn’t matter if you want to invest in student accommodation in Melbourne or have your eye on the prestige property investment market in Sydney, because Suburb SelectorTM provides property data for every suburb in Australia.
We use live data platforms to pinpoint the top suburbs for high capital growth and rental yield for our property investors.

Low-risk high-yield services for property investors
If you want to make it as a property investor, don’t risk searching the real estate market for your ideal investment opportunity on your own. Let our expert property investment agents search Australia wide to find you the property of your dreams.

Our buyers’ agents spend their lives immersed in Australia’s property market and are not only able to provide a real estate forecast that is literally up-to-the-minute, they can also provide expert advice on how to get the most out of your new property investment.

Imagine taking the time, stress and risk out of investing in property – that’s exactly what using a buyers’ agent gives you

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In the complex real estate market, a buyers’ advocate works exclusively in your interest to save you time, stress and money… and our fees are tax deductible if you are purchasing for investment property purposes.

Benefits of Using a Buyers' Agent For Your Property Investment Plan

Our buyers’ agents' considerable experience and expertise will help you make the best possible decision whether you’re:

  • A beginner property investor and want to learn how to find and buy the best investment property available within your price range.
  • A full-time property investor looking for insider information.
  • Or an experienced investment buyer looking to do renovations and a property flip. 

Choosing our property investment agents not only saves you precious time, it also allows you to leverage our considerable experience, expertise and connections. We can be an invaluable asset, especially for first-timers or foreign property investors.

Consider some of the advantages of using our real estate investment services:

  • Get up to date property forecasts.
  • Get insider information on where to invest in property in Australia for the best returns.
  • Our agents take care of everything from research and shortlisting to negotiation and settlement.

This not only saves you precious time, it also allows you to leverage our considerable experience, expertise and connections; a great asset, especially for first-timers or foreign investors. 

Whether it’s buying off the plan, trying to ensure positive cashflow, or simply investing in your next house, becoming a real estate investor in Australia doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. Have a look at how our property investment agents can help you.

Our Property Investment Focus Areas

You can enjoy our agents’ expertise and advice on how to invest in property anywhere in Australia, from commercial property investment in Sydney to rental property investments in Melbourne.

Our services are available in:

  • Sydney 
  • Newcastle
  • Hunter Valley 
  • Brisbane 
  • Melbourne 
  • Adelaide
  • Perth 
  • Canberra 
  • Queensland 
  • Darwin

We also assist overseas buyers looking for investment opportunities across Australia. Our buyers’ agents are on top of the latest trends and can be your eyes and ears throughout the process.


Frequently Asked Questions For Property Investment Buyers’ Agents


To start investing in real estate you need to understand the key drivers of the property investment market, as well as the inherent risks and rewards involved. Investing in real estate requires you to have a good credit history and the ability to obtain finance so that you can leverage your equity and obtain the best return on investment. Real estate investors should be very careful about where they invest in property in Australia, and should engage real estate investment experts and local property buyers’ agents who can guide them through the entire buying process.


Investing in real estate can still deliver excellent ROI, if you choose the right location, the right kind of property, and manage your risks. Choosing where to invest in property is the key to your success. It makes sense to engage expert property investment agents as they can leverage extensive years of experience and local knowledge to help you make a wise selection of properties. They’ll help you to whittle down the list until you find the perfect property in which to invest.


The amount of profit or equity that you make as a property investor depends on where you invest and the investment strategies that you choose. The higher up the property investment food chain you go the bigger the profit you will make. For example, buying prestige property in Sydney could deliver outstanding capital growth, while large investments in the industrial property market could deliver higher yields. Buying properties off the plan typically means you make very little profit, whereas buying established properties and renovating them or developing properties from scratch gives you a much greater rate of return.


Property investment is very rewarding and can create bedrock wealth for your retirement. Having a good job with stable income is essential in order to qualify for a bank loan. If you already own a home and have some available equity, however, then leveraging that equity safely into an investment property is a smart move.

Once you have obtained finance pre-approval, you should set out to fully understand the dynamics of the property market. Real estate investors should learn what micro- and macro-economic factors drive the property market. New property investors would be wise to get help from qualified real estate investment experts who understand where to invest in real estate in Australia, and who can provide independent assistance to help you navigate the property investment market.


Property as an asset class is an excellent investment if the right location and property types are carefully selected. Potential real estate and property investors need only look at the performance of median residential property prices in Sydney and Melbourne to see the significant returns that long-term investors can make by buying well located property. Investors seeking advice on where to invest in real estate should choose their advisors carefully. It’s important to ensure that any advice given is not tainted by commission driven sales people. You can get independent property investment help from buyers’ agents who are licenced in the state in which you intend to buy, who have a strong track record and at least five years’ experience.


To invest in Australian property, you can buy either as an Australian citizen or as a foreign investor. If you hold permanent residency (or are an Australian citizen) then you can buy established property. If you are classified as a foreign buyer, then you can only buy brand new property as regulated by the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) guidelines.
The first step to considering where to invest in Australia is to get your finance pre-approved. The next step is to consider which property investment strategy will work best for your individual situation. The strategy takes into account, among others, tax, income, and stage of life considerations. Following this, you need to consider which suburbs to target. Experienced property buyers’ agents can provide you with the local information necessary to guide your decision.


Property investment is not rocket science. In fact, real estate investing is simply a matter of understanding what drives the numbers. It is critical as a property investor to create the right strategy, then choose the best location, and finally the right property type. The key numbers you need to consider are the purchase price (buy close to the median), the rent return (yield), the potential for capital growth, and the running expenses (especially borrowing costs). Using a simple spreadsheet is a good idea, and you could also consult a property investment expert who has specialised software to crunch the numbers.


Property investors typically want high capital growth and high yield. It is possible to find properties with both a positive cashflow and strong capital growth if you know where to invest in Australia’s real estate market. The actual ROI (Return on Investment) for property investors can be very high if you know how to leverage your cash or equity in the most tax effective manner. Real estate investment in Sydney for houses typically returns less than 3% gross, while in Brisbane it is easier to find houses with yields of 5% or above. However, the capital growth from properties held in Sydney and Melbourne over the past 10 years has seen prices rise more than 100% in some suburbs.
If you want to buy an investment property in Sydney, you should consult with local expert buyers’ agents who can provide reliable data and insights to make a wise decision.