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Andrew Kim is a licensed real estate buyers’ advocate with an incredible passion for property. Andrew has facilitated institutional property investment opportunities and worked as licensed real estate agent.

With a strong entrepreneurial mind and excellent communication skills, Andrew seeks to find solutions for his clients in the most effective manner possible.

Serving clients with the highest level of professionalism is second nature to Andrew.  Having strong links into the Korean and international travel industry, Andrew has a wealth of connections to assist his clients.

His honesty, integrity and work ethic make Andrew a very valuable member of the Propertybuyer team.




Buying a property was a really daunting task for me. There were two other competitors, and the competition was quite intense due to the popular location. I loved the apartment so much, but I wasn’t exactly sure of the true value of the property. Consequently, I sought help from Andrew Kim. With his practical advice and guidance throughout the buying process, I ultimately secured the 2-bedroom apartment with the harbour view in North Sydney for less than my initial budget. I will be sure to discuss the next property purchase with Andrew Kim at ‘Propertybuyer’ without any hesitation because I know that it will save my money and time.

Sam Park, SME Business Owner


I first met Andrew Kim as a client when he was working as a developer. As I came to know him, I saw that he was a self-motivated person capable of deal making and producing results. He always came across as having so much passion for his work and was well equipped with tireless energy, revelling in the challenges before him.

He was aspired to prove wrong the long-held belief in Korea that it is difficult to secure a deal in an offshore property development and wanted to be the first to lead a precedence. To this end he chose the unbeaten path, and he gave all his energy in marketing the benefits of investing in the Australian property in Korea.

He worked extensively with CEOs, managing directors and other decision makers of Australian property groups as well as their counterparts in Korea in relation to the deals that were on the table.

I believe Andrew will be a forerunner in opening the gateway between Korea and Australia in the property market and have no doubt he will offer many benefits to all parties concerned through his work in this area.

Holen Jin - Solicitor BA, LLB


Propertybuyer helped me purchase an investment property recently. They helped to shortlist properties based on my brief and provided a professional evaluation after they inspected each property. They negotiated on my behalf and guided me through the whole purchasing process. I trust their opinion which is honest and balanced and they did not put forward recommendations that are not suitable. They saved me time and money making the experience less stressful.

“Saved me time and money making the experience less stressful.”


I came to know Propertybuyer a few years ago when we were looking for our first house and now there is hardly a friend of mine, who has not heard about them from myself. 

In the often treacherous and uncertain world of property buying, it is a huge relief to have Propertybuyer on your side. His calm and unflappable demeanour coupled with his sound practical knowledge of the real property world is a great asset when you are in the market looking for a decent property.

When you are looking to buy property with your hard earned money you want your buying agent to put himself in your shoes and not only get the best deal for you but also uncover all potential risks.

I know Propertybuyer has made the process of buying property as stress free for me as possible- and I cannot thank them enough for that.

Propertybuyer has made the process of buying property as stress free for me as possible.”


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