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3 key features of a luxury property

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

When you want to buy luxury property in Sydney, there are many options available to the discerning buyer in todays market. With the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that more homes are being built than ever before, you can be sure that the right prestige home is there waiting for you in one of Sydney's numerous deluxe suburbs.

Finding one is the easy part - simply contact a buyers' agent, and they'll take any stress out of the process by seeking out the best ones for your specifications and even negotiating on your behalf. As the NSW Fair Trading specifications for these agents show, they will act in good faith and with the highest effort to secure your investment.

When you look to luxury property, there are many important features to look for or even add yourself for that extra bit of living comfort. This doesn't just make time you spend there better - it adds value to the home that will surely see it appreciate in value, which is crucial for the assured property investor.

Keep it hi-tech

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is a must. And what better way to run your home with ease than by using a mobile device? There are now many products that let you run home entertainment systems and even your home's security from your mobile device. According to Roy Morgan, more than 5 million Australians own an iPhone, so this system is likely to appeal to many future buyers as well.

Grand gardens

Green space can be difficult to find, but is an extremely effective way of adding value to a home. Finding a home with an existing garden that just needs work can be a wonderful way of making a luxury property purchase into a real goldmine. Again, tap the vast resources of a buyers' agent to find exactly what you need - or find some more details in our premade reports.

Location, location, overall growth potential

Arguably the most important feature of a prestige property is its location. This doesn't just mean whether or not there are harbour views, either - the location of your purchase should factor in nearby schools, the distance to work, privacy, and especially the value growth potential.

This is a lot to take on board when you look to buy a home, which is why a buyers' agent is essential. They won't just find you any luxury property nearby - they will provide you with every specific detail about an area to help you reach the best possible decision, whether your goal is to raise a family or raise capital.

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