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5 types of Aus migrants & over 100 visas - which are you eligible for?

Jimmy Shi* contacts me from China. He’s rich, successful and wants to have an Australian permanent residence visa. In fact he thinks it is almost his right to have this visa and he should not have to pay anything to get advice about it as he knows just about everything there is to know from his own internet research. He also wants to buy Australian property for his children to live here whilst they study and whilst he remains in China making lots of money.

This is a common but dangerous phenomenon with Google making everyone an apparent expert and the rising wealth of many global citizens. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” is an age old saying for good reason.

So how does Jimmy go about getting his much wanted Australian visa and buying the property he wants for his precious daughter already at university in Australia?

First of all, he absolutely must get independent advice from an experienced migration professional and a local buyers’ agent that resides in the local area. We can answer all these questions for him and fill in knowledge gaps he did not even know he had!  Local knowledge is a very important ally when moving to a new country.

Remember the laws change all the time, new migration court cases are decided every day all over Australia and due to rapidly rising real estate prices, especially in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia’s government has introduced new laws to curb the influence of foreign investments.

For migrants wanting to buy real estate the main sources of migration will often be skilled, employment and business migration.

Skilled migrants will usually be university graduates, qualified tradespeople or experienced managers. If Jimmy wants to be employed by Australian companies (or even an overseas company wanting to set up in Australia) this is possible too but in each case Jimmy will have to find his occupation on an ever changing government list and mostly can’t apply over 45 years of age from 1/7/17 but will have an easier application if his occupation is in demand by a state or regional government.

Business migrants will usually be business owners or high level investors and Jimmy will find 3 main visa categories

  1. The Business Innovation category for people who want to own, create or manage a new or existing business in Australia.
  2. The Investor stream is for people who want to make a designated investment in an Australian state or territory and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia after the original investment has matured.
  3. There are also short term business visas for quick business trips form some passport holders.

There are many other visas and, just like property investing there are many ways “to skin a cat”.

If you are interested in migrating to Australia we can make the process so much easier and faster. Whether you are overseas and yet to apply for an Australian visa, or already here in Australia and wish to stay longer, then please contact us for an initial migration assessment.


Justin Rickard is an Australian based lawyer and registered migration agent operating mainly in and around Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. He helps migrants understand the complexities of Australian migration and successfully represents them in their migration applications.

JUSTIN K. RICKARD B.A LL.B M.A (Syd.) M.M.I.A Australian Lawyer since 1986 N.S.W Law Society # 11272* Migration Agent since 1994 Lic'd # 97-90625  Member of Migration Institute of Australia & Migration Alliance




Mail P.O Box 708 Leura NSW 2780 Australia

Justin Rickard Australian mobile 0416.212.021

Skype: justin.rickard.attorney

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