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Industrial property may be the ticket for Sydney commercial buyers

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

Exploring your options regarding commercial property in Sydney? If so, you should have one word on your mind: industrial.

According to Herron Todd White's July 2014 month in review report, industrial property is increasingly being seen as the asset class most primed for high performance as the economy continues to recover.

"Recent editions of the API Property Directions Survey summarise views that industrial property in Sydney, as well as Melbourne and Brisbane, has progressed the furthest into a cyclical upswing compared to the other commercial sectors. Performance indicators published by sources including IPD Australia also indicate that industrial property is at an advanced growth stage compared to the other commercial sectors," the report stated.

"Property Council/IPD Australia All Property Index indicates that total returns in the industrial property sector outpaced the office and retail sectors for two successive periods, generating 11.3 per cent total return over the 12 months to March 2014, up from 9.6 per cent recorded in the prior 12 months."

Herron Todd White went on to say it views Sydney's industrial market to have "broadly increased over the past two years", especially over the past 12 months. This has been led by Sydney's inner west, south and lower north shore regions.

With issues like urban renewal and rezoning leading to restricted growth of industrial stock levels in these areas, investors seeking investment property to buy in Sydney may want to consider their options when it comes to industrial real estate.

A qualified buyers agent who has experience in the commercial sector could be an invaluable help in this regard, as they can not only help you find the right industrial property, they can negotiate the purchase on your behalf, helping you to secure a fair price.

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