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Let Sydney's green earn you some of your own

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

There are many factors that can turn an average rental property into a highly sought-after piece of real estate. The location of a property, and therefore the amenities near it, is definitely at the top of the list.

While most investors understand the importance of proximity to things like public transport, restaurants and shops, it can pay to focus on less obvious luxuries, as well.

For instance, a recent survey showed just how important parks are to residents of the Harbour City, as well as how Sydney's greenery is keeping people satisfied.

The Benchmark Park Users Satisfaction Survey awarded Sydney high scores for parks such as Hyde Park, Pirrama Park, Alexandria Park, Turuwul Park and Arthur McElhone Reserve.

"These terrific results are a credit to our parks staff who work extremely hard to keep our parks in pristine condition," Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

"From dog walking, picnicking, socialising and children's play, the city works to make sure our parks meet everyone's needs."

If you're looking to buy investment property in Sydney, you should consider the benefits of owning real estate near one of the more than 400 large, medium and small parks and open spaces in the local government area.

From Redfern Park to Paddington Reservoir Gardens, there's no shortage of beautiful spaces for residents to enjoy, and in a world where concrete is more common than grass, this can be a huge boost to potential renters. After all, what will a family with children or pets care more about - being near a pristine park or living around the corner from a popular nightlife spot?

Parks are only one factor out of many, but depending on the type of property you're purchasing, as well as the kind of tenant you're hoping to secure, they can be a vital consideration.

Allow a qualified buyers agent to help you find suitable properties that make greenery a part of your investment strategy.

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