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Little things make all the difference

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

While large-scale infrastructure projects from Planning NSW like the WestConnex plan tend to dominate headlines, there is a wealth of infrastructure work being done right across Sydney at a very small level. These works can be just as vital as major roads when you decide where you wish to buy investment property in Sydney, so here are a few projects being undertaken around Sydney that highlight some of our great places to live.

Iron Cove Creek bridge

The City of Canada Bay and Ashfield Council have teamed up to improve safety on their roads, and this has included a new bridge for Drummoyne. The local Bay Run is a popular activity for Sydneysiders, with more than 3,500 people running, walking or biking through the Bay Run track area in Drummoyne every Sunday. These councils have recognised this and will construct a new 4.5-metre-wide bridge across the Iron Cove Creek, as the current 1.5-metre-wide bridge does not fit requirements.

Double Bay development

The Woolahra Municipal Council has opened a development named Kiaora Lands, which includes a supermarket, public library, commercial property space and a car park with 442 spaces. This more than doubles the amount of parking available in Double Bay, which makes it an excellent and practical place to buy a house.

Randwick roadside

Not the most glamorous of works, but Randwick City Council puts $2 million into footpath maintenance and repair every year to ensure safety and build a healthy walking track network throughout the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It has paid off, with Randwick ranked in the top three councils in Sydney for roadside quality.

It is these little things that can really put a shine on a suburb when it comes time to buy a house. Buyer agents can also provide advice on this, as they are equipped with extensive knowledge about council works and plans that can turn a good suburb into a great one.

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