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More Australians interested in luxury home amenities

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

What are the best features you would like to have in your dream home if you had the money?

We all dream of the ideal luxury property with all the trimmings and latest gadgets.

A recent survey by Realestate.com.au noted that more than a quarter of respondents to a survey said an extra bedroom was their top property wish.

Swimming pools were close behind with more than 21 per cent of respondents favouring this choice.

More than 15 per cent of respondents opted for an outdoor dining space, while luxurious amenities like home cinemas and saunas also saw interest.

Surprisingly, more pragmatic amenities, such as off-street parking and en suite bathrooms, saw a much smaller share of interest from Aussies, with parking garnering 5 per cent and bathrooms posting 7.5 per cent.

Of the more luxurious amentities favoured by Australians, realestate.com.au contributor Peter Koulizos (aka The Property Professor) said an extra bedroom would be the way to go.

"Consumers of property (that is owner occupiers and tenants) will always pay more for additional bedrooms but most consumers do not want a property with a swimming pool," Mr Koulizos said.

"Pools take a lot of extra maintenance and take up space in the backyard. A family who are keen to have a property with a swimming pool would most likely pay more for a property when renting or buying, but it wouldn’t be $50,000 more."

Regardless, this data seems to indicate that more Australians are looking for prestige real estate and have an ongoing desire to upgrade their current housing.

When this is the case, it's important to remember how beneficial prestige property agents can be.

Many luxury homes are not advertised for sale on the open market and are sold “off-market” or as a “silent sale”. Working with a buyers agent who is experienced when it comes to luxury property can help streamline the process and make buying luxury real estate easier.

A good buyers’ agent will have an extensive network of sales agents and be able to get access to these silent sales before the general public.  Often buyers of prestige real estate want privacy and strict confidentiality around their intentions to buy into a particular suburb or apartment block.

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