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Architecture and design trends 2018

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

Thinking about renovating, updating or building in 2018? You’re not alone.

If you’re not desperate to sell your house, 2018 great year to stay put and focus on adding value to the property you already own.

Here are major design trends that have longevity that will keep them current

Contextual Integration:

The need for a building to integrate smoothly with its existing surroundings is a major trend that is shaping development in 2018, and it’s not hard to see why.  

As neighbourhoods grow and change at such an alarming rate, those with properties that maintain their original look-and-feel are in major demand. New buildings and houses that offer some old charm are also more popular with buyers.  

For buildings is set in natural surroundings, such as on the waterfront, river, mountain or hillside, keeping the integrity of the surrounding visual assets is a major plus.

Your plans should take into account the context in which the building is going to be erected, and try to integrate as seamlessly as possible.  

suburban street

Outside inside

Bringing natural elements into the home is a huge trend that's here to stay.

As cities get denser, technology advances and humans have less and less access to nature, so the appeal of bringing nature into the home increases. Below are 3 of the best ways to do this in your home or building:

Surfaces: The use of natural substances in the home, such as wood, rock and even precious stones are trending right now, and help to add a calming and grounding element to spaces.

Lighting: Vision is our dominant sense and all aspects of our spaces feel better when lighting is good. Natural lighting is also appealing because it is dynamic – for example, brightness of light during different times of the day and ‘color’ as it fluctuates with passing clouds.

Decor: Greenery is in.  Plants, paints, fabrics, patterns - anything that evokes nature is a good choice.  From palm-printed cushions to hanging plants and bamboo mats, it’s a big trend that looks set to last.

green apartments

Uniqueness and anti-uniformity:

Soulless symmetry and copy-paste designs are making way for more unique and the buzzword “uniquely-flawed” is all over modern design.

This trend or movement touches everything from decor (with handmade, artisanal, locally sourced and one-of-a-kind  items being favoured over global brand products) to building designs (with unique rooms of different sizes and different finishings in standard apartments).

Today’s buyer expects to find living environments that, if not already unique, can be completely customized 100% to meet their specific needs. Millennials in particular are leading this desire for customization.

front doors colours

Hidden Technology:

Smart homes are a trend that will keep going, but people are less excited about having their technology front-and-center in their homes. Appliances, technology and hardware that remains in the background or, better yet, stays completely hidden are trending.

People interact with smart gadgets all day long and, while they certainly aren’t prepared to bin them, when they come home they prefer calmer spaces that aren’t cluttered with blinking lights and wires.


Productivity-boosting office spaces:

When it comes to office design, 2018 has brought a trend that focuses on enhancing employee performance. The term “performance-maximising environment” is a buzzword among architects and developers this year, and these optimised spaces are highly sought-after by entrepreneurs and business owners.

This design draws on neurology, sociology and human psychology data to create spaces that encourage maximum output, creativity and delivery.

The growing demand for increased productivity makes this trend one that’s likely to grow in the years to come.

looking up at buildings

If 2018 is your year to stay put and focus on the property you already own, then ensuring that you choose decor and design trends that will stay current for many years to come will stand you in good stead.

Above are some of the major design trends that are new now, but have the legs to carry them well into the future.  

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