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3 ways a buyers' agent stands out

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

When you want to engage someone to buy Australian property, you have several options at your disposal. You can go it alone,or engage a specialist buyers' agent who will work exclusively for you. A buyers' agent is the only independent party who will work exclusively in your interests. Here are three ways a buyers' agent stands out from the crowd when you choose how to buy a home.

They work for you

By law, a buyers' agent cannot receive money from both the vendor and the buyer in a home transaction. Working with a set fee or percentage from the outset that you both agree on in writing, they listen to your wants and needs and find properties to suit, rather than pushing to sell a specific item of real estate. Need a three bedroom house that will hold its value over five to 10 years? Also need it within the zone of your preferred schools for the kids? A buyers' agent will find it, using their intimate market knowledge.

ABC: A Breadth of Choice

Because they aren't tethered to a set series of properties, buyers' agents can 'work the field'. This means a much wider pool of property than one agency's listings, meaning more variety in suburb, price and growth. Whether you want to gear a property to maximise long term profits as a landlord or find an affordable inner west home for the family, a buyers' agent will secure a healthy and diverse shortlist of homes quickly.

Knowledge is power

And that's why buyers' agents particularly stand out in crowded property sprees, like the current Sydney market. They don't just understand the market and where properties are likely to increase in value, but also the selling agents and legal processes involved in buying a house. Because they are working for your desires and to a set amount, they will negotiate firmly and fairly for the home price that best suits your budget. Once you sign an agency agreement, the buyers' agent is legally required to communicate truthfully and fairly under the NSW Fair Trading Act - so you know you're getting an honest representation.

When you look for property in Sydney, the sheer volume of property can be overwhelming. That's why it's best to have an expert in your corner, working to your specifications and giving you advice you know to be in your favour. Whether it's a luxury Sydney mansion or inner-city flat, your ideal property is waiting out there - it's just a matter of engaging the right person to find it for you.

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