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Bondi Beach to get even more accessible

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

Bondi is already one of the world's most well known beaches, and new plans from the Waverley Council for the surrounding Bondi suburb look like they will boost the area's appeal even further.

In July, the New South Wales government approved a planning statement from the council, that will investigate creating 15 per cent more green space, promoting cycling, making more pedestrian areas, testing the feasibility of underground car parks and also moving some parking to the rear of the Bondi Pavilion.

While there have been some objections from local surfers about the proposed car park, these plans overall will reduce traffic flows and create a better quality of living for Bondi into the future. Sydney's great weather means the beach is a hotspot, so Bondi will continue to thrive as more and more people have easy access to those rolling sands.

In the long term, there also also plans to look into a light rail link from Bondi to the beach - you could walk out your front door and hop on a tram straight to the beach in a second! Features like this are indicative of Sydney's thirst for growth - when people express interest in moving to these idyllic areas, councils like Waverley respond with great new infrastructure plans to accommodate them.

If the surf, sun and sand are high on your priority list, you should absolutely look into Bondi property. Though it has an eclectic mix of old homes and art deco apartment blocks, it also has its fair share of prestige homes for sale. Talk to one of our buyers advocates if you could see yourself living next to one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. They act in your interests and find the property that works best for you.

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