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Liveable Sydney's lovable units

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

Once again, Sydney has proven itself to be one of the best places to live in the world.

The Harbour City has ranked 7th in The Economist Intelligence Unit's recently released Global Liveability Index. Taking on board a range of criteria that includes general stability, culture, schooling and existing infrastructure, cities are given a score out of 100 for their overall liveability. Sydney has scored a remarkable 96.1 overall, which includes perfect scores for infrastructure, healthcare and education.

This is just further proof that property investment in Sydney is always a great idea. With flourishing growth and some of the best infrastructure setups in the world, it has been a constant recipient of interest from both home buyers and investors and this is reflected in anticipated construction growth for Sydney.

However as house prices continue to rise, perhaps you might consider a unit as your next investment in the Sydney property market, adding affordable accommodation to your set.

According to new figures from RP Data's Cameron Kusher, the median unit value for central suburbs like Marrickville and Newtown is significantly less than home prices in the same area. Kusher calculated the most affordable five suburbs for homes and units within 10km of the Sydney CBD, and these two featured prominently. This could be a excellent investment into the future as growth continues in Sydney and property prices rise further - you could be getting in ahead of the market, enabling you to sell for more down the line.

With one of our qualified buyers agents by your side, you could soon find yourself with a slice of one of the world's most attractive cities on your plate as part of your investment portfolio.

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