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Real estate research organisation heralds Sydney success

By Rich Harvey

If you're not in the market for a buyers agent in Sydney, you might want to put it on your agenda.

According to a recent release from SQM Research, the property market in New South Wales' capital city is gearing up for another huge year.

"We continue to remain bullish on the Sydney housing market," SQM Research Managing Director Louis Christopher said in a January 21 media release.

"The market is not about to slow, it's actually about to have the strongest start yet in over 15 years."

One of the reasons Mr Christopher is so confident in the Sydney market has to do with low housing inventory. Stock levels fell to the lowest levels ever recorded by the SQM index during December 2013, showing less than half the amount of properties listed in Melbourne.

In addition to low inventory, SQM also highlighted housing finance approvals in NSW, largely driven by Sydney. Approvals were up 1.8 per cent during November on a monthly basis, and 22 per cent on a yearly basis, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Yet another factor spotlighted was the weakening Australian dollar, which Mr Christopher expected to help Sydney’s "finance, manufacturing and exports sectors". In turn, this could boost employment in the region, adding to NSW's already impressive ranking as the state with the second lowest unemployment rate in the country.

All of this comes together to create a very desirable location for property investment in Australia.

However, whether you're in the market for luxury property or a starter-home, a Sydney buyers agent will help you not only find the right real estate, but assist with negotiating on your behalf - no one else's.

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