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The importance of landscaping

By Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

Whether you're trying to sell a property or rent it out to tenants, it's hard to overestimate the value of kerb appeal.

Put simply, kerb appeal is all about the first impression your Australian property investment will make on interested parties. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but if a home's visual appearance is one of disrepair and shabbiness, chances are potential buyers and renters will move on to a more attractive option.

With this in mind, it's key to understand the importance of landscaping when it comes to kerb appeal.

Your front yard as a welcome mat

Close your eyes and imagine you're looking to buy investment property in Sydney. You visit a likely candidate and are greeted by a lawn full of dead, yellow grass. What life-like vegetation there is in the yard is overgrown and in disarray.

What would this home say to you?

First, it would probably tell you that the current owner doesn't seem to care about the condition of his or her property, leading you to believe the inside is also in poor condition.

Secondly, the type of neighbourhood where this kind of landscaping is found probably isn't likely to attract the types of buyers or renters you're in the market for - namely, people concerned about things like community values, low crime rates and value for their money.

Now imagine you visit the same home and are greeted by a lush, green lawn with plants, flowers and shrubs all well-maintained and in healthy condition. This investment property shows pride and care from the owner.

Essentially, landscaping can act as either a welcome mat telling potential buyers and renters to come on in, or a warning sign telling them to keep looking.

So when you begin thinking about which areas of your home need to be upgraded or renovated - whether it's a small bungalow or luxury property - keep in mind the difference immaculate landscaping can make.

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