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Ian's Story

Sydney CBD Developer

"..The savings of time and internal resource for us has been significant... "

Location: Sydney CBD

Buyer type: Developer


We’re a boutique residential developer and have completed several projects with Rich and his team who provided expert and professional input at several stages through the process. Typically, we met with Rich and identify geographical markets which we want to target and then narrow down the brief of specifically what criteria a potential development opportunity has to fulfill to fit within our business model. As a result of the scoping process, Rich then puts forward multiple prospects for us to consider – in the several cases where Property Buyer has successfully sourced development sites for us, that process has taken significantly less time than would be the case if we had undertaken the role ourselves. The consequent savings of time and internal resource for us has been significant.

We regularly consult with Property Buyer throughout the design process and discuss likely rental returns and expected end investment values of all of our projects. This better ensures that we are positioning our product to as best as possible, match the investment criteria of Property Buyer’s data base of investors – Rich and the team then have a detailed knowledge of our product which allows them to secure off-the-plan and on-completion sales for us.

We’ve always found Property Buyer to be a professional and valuable partner in our projects and are looking forward to working with them on future projects.

“The process has taken significantly less time…if we had undertaken the role ourselves.”

Ian H, Developer

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