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Helen’s Story

"..Took angst and uncertainty away... "

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: To source an agent on our behalf to sell property


We are delighted to have used the services of Property Buyer to source an agent in QLD on our behalf for the sale of our unit.


We had absolutely no idea of who was a good agent or not (living in NSW), so it was extremely comforting to have the expertise and knowledge of Kevin Mason at Property Buyer to guide us in choosing the most outstanding agent for the task at hand. It was also of benefit being able to refer to Kevin and Rich Harvey through the whole process of the sale. The investment of a reasonable fee paid up front took layers of uncertainty and angst away from our family.

The chosen agent did an exceptional job for us in selling our unit rapidly at a great price so congratulations to Kevin on his insight with that task.

It’s no wonder that Property Buyer have won so many awards – they once again have lived up to their high standard of excellence in assisting our family. Well done Rich Harvey and Kevin Mason – we recommend you highly and look forward to engaging your services when next we are in need of assistance in the property market.

“It’s no wonder that propertybuyer have won so many awards”.

Helen M., Vendor Advocacy Service

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