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Bradley’s Story

"..I am looking forward to taking on another one... "

Location: NSW

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Seeking a property which will offer quick capital gain via value adding e.g. subdivision


I wanted to improve my (our family’s) equity position and build a property portfolio via subdivision. While I was prepared and had done it before, the time and distraction from my core business was frustrating. I was worried about the time committed to finding the right site and then to do the due diligence to make an educated decision.


Propertybuyer had a logical approach and developed a strategy with our end goal in mind. I feel positive about the development I am entering into and I’m looking forward to taking on another one. From an ROI point of view, it makes sense. I go to a doctor to cure my illness and I go to propertybuyer to find property.

“I go to a doctor to cure my illness and I go to propertybuyer to find property.”

Bradley E, Recruitment Consultant

Buyers' Agents Comments:

Brad and Alicia had a 3 year plan to move to the area of their liking while building a portfolio at the same time.  We were able to structure enough equity to gain a duplex and by strata titling, allowed the profit to move forward with the next property in their portfolio while allocating some equity to their dream home.

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