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Christie's Story

Lower North Shore Investor

"..I engaged Property Buyer and couldn’t be happier... "

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Location: Lower North Shore

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Apartment on the North Shore


Having been thinking of buying a property for 18 months but not having time to make it a reality I engaged Property Buyer and couldn’t be happier. They listened to understand my needs, presented me great research, committed time to looking at available properties and within 2 weeks I had made a purchase. Post purchase they have been keeping in touch with me and looped me into their networks for other requirements. Thanks to Jason and Matt for all your efforts.

Thanks to Jason & Matt for all your efforts.

Christie, Executive

Buyers' Agent:

Christie is a time poor professional. She made mention that she had been procrastinating for a while to purchase an investment property. With her busy workload and day-to-day schedule this became increasingly difficult. Once she started investigating the purchase of the property she quickly realised the huge task that was involved to get the “job done right”. She was unsure of the property type, location and the price to pay for the ideal investment for her circumstances. I'm pleased to say that we purchased a fantastic property at a great price which will serve Christie incredibly well into the future.

Matt Corbett & Jason Low

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