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Nerida & Jame's Story

Newcastle Investor

"..We couldn't have been happier ... "

Location: Newcastle

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: To buy a property via SMSF


Our goal was to purchase a property in Newcastle for our SMSF. As we weren't familiar with Newcastle, we thought we would employ a buyers agent & chose Property Buyer after much research.

Our Buyers Agent Kevin Mason was very familiar with Newcastle & showed us around so we could understand the best pockets & the local attractions & infrastructure. We wanted a blue chip suburb and a property that would be low maintenance & easy to rent. We were able to narrow down properties with the help of the Property Buyer Analyst to make sure the numbers were suitable for an SMSF investment.

One of the properties Kevin sent through on an email we liked was due to be auctioned that week. We had thought it was out of our price range, however, Kevin followed up with the selling agent & found they were motivated to sell. We hadn't been to see the property yet but we trusted Kevin, knew the area from our visits & liked how it presented on the internet. We thought we had a 10% chance of getting it but Kevin dropped everything to get to the auction and won it for us at approximately $40k less than what we thought it was worth. When we finally saw the property we couldn't have been happier as it is exactly what we were looking for.

We trusted Kevin.

Nerida & James B.

Buyers' Agent:

This was an amazing purchase at what we think is anywhere between $60,000 to $80,000 below what it could have sold for and real value and we could not find anything comparable! We were successful in purchasing a unique one of a kind high end luxury fit out architectural townhouse under the hammer in a unique refurbished Heritage listed building - a stunning buy indeed!

The initial price guide in the early stage of the marketing was at the high end of my clients budget and I felt it would have been out of reach, however I contacted the selling agent a couple of days out from the Auction and given the trusted relationships I have throughout the industry I was able to conclude that surprisingly there was not as much competition as I thought there would be, meaning that it could actually fall well within the comfort zone for my clients Nerida & James and I knew the vendors would be motivated on Auction day. The next step was getting my clients into position quickly within 24 hours and being able to bid on their behalf on the day plus a great deal of trust was required from my clients as this was a sight unseen property and Nerida was not confident it would fall within their comfort zone.

Two properties in the same building were Auctioned that day, the 1st apartment sold for $1,010,000 ($80,000 above expected sale price) and I still did not lose faith but felt that the property I wanted to secure for Nerida & James may sell above our budget. In the end, with being relaxed and cool under pressure and utilising smart Auction strategies & tactics and getting my client into position quickly, I was able to secure the property at a fabulous price. Having my gorgeous little 4 year old good luck charm with me on the day also distracted the competition. 

 This was a perfect fit for my client as she is an architect and appreciated the very high attention to detail & luxurious be-spoke finishes and the unique rare find all designed in a historic and beautifully restored Heritage building only 100m from vibrant café’s & restaurants.

 An apartment 2 x doors along, far inferior to our purchase and much smaller sold a week after the Auction for $60,000 above what we paid and this made our client very happy indeed. This was a perfect example of our clients placing trust in a seasoned professional, and allowing me to work my magic and purchase a rare diamond, ultimately saving our client tens of thousands of dollars and this gives us great pleasure and satisfaction hence much of our business is repeat clients or referred/recommended to us

Thank you Nerida & James for placing your trust in me and congratulations on a stunning purchase!


Kevin Mason

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