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Vikram’s story

Lower North Shore Investor

"..Delivered way beyond my expectations.... "

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Location: Lower North Shore

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Two investment properties in blue-chip areas of Sydney, 2-3 bedroom units with solid anticipated capital growth and strong rental yields.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Matt Corbett, from Property Buyer. In a short period of 30 days after defining my requirements for income generating properties, Matt helped me secure two properties in Neutral Bay and Manly. Going into this arduous process of trying to buy properties in a country that I have been out off for a while, I was worried about how I was going to manage this. Matt did an absolutely superb job – brought a lot of clarity to my search process, showed me a number of properties and I can confidently say that he helped me secure nice properties at prices considerably below what I would have otherwise paid. Not only that, he took care of absolutely everything from showing me properties, using his contacts to convince vendors to pull the property from auction, legal work, helping me find the right property managers and getting me a good property management price, and making sure I was not wasting my time at all.

I was absolutely thrilled with my experience with Matt – extremely professional, thorough, acting with speed, and very very honest….he delivered way beyond my expectations.

“I was absolutely thrilled…extremely professional, thorough, acting with speed and very very honest”

Vikram M, IT Professional

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Vikram was seeking two investment properties, one of which he would consider living in when he returned from the USA in a few years time. He wanted areas that were ripe for capital growth – those that had experienced subdued growth in recent years but still has all the important factors for good long-term investments. Hence, we recommended the Lower North Shore and Manly. Both areas are well located, just beginning to rise and the properties were in good condition with parking and will rent easily.

Matt Corbett

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