Work out how your property assets will impact your retirement income.
Calculate below to find out how much property you need invested for your retirement goals.


Calculate My Retirement Income



Net Property Assets 0
Expected Rental Income 0
Income Shortfall 0
Years to retirement 0
Potential equity growth on existing property - assume conservative rate of 4% pa 0
Net Assets at estimated Retirement age 0
Expected Rental Income (4% of Net Property Assets) at year of retirement 0
Retirement Income Goal (Annual) indexed to CPI @3% compounded 0
Value of additional property YOU need to have invested before retirement (with no debt) 0


  • Gross rental yield of 4% (You can set this in the inputs)
  • Capital growth of 4% on existing property assets (You can set this in the inputs)
  • No allowance made for ongoing rental expenses (rates/ strata/ insurance etc)
  • Interest only payments on property loans

Take home messages

  • Pick high growth property that accelerates your property equity faster
  • Rental income is important to help you cashflow the property portfolio over time
  • Start investing as soon as possible - the magic of compound growth works wonders!
  • Get independent advice from a Buyers Agent to help you select the best areas.


  • Propertybuyer are not financial advisers. The information provided here is of a general nature and does not take into account individual property goals.