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Particularly for expats looking to buy, having those independent eyes and ears on the ground to go and look at properties for you, I felt that Matt really understood what our needs were in terms of the house. It was a five-star process with Propertybuyer. Everything from the initial discussions with Matt to how quick he was to respond to our emails.

- Hanna Goodridge


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buy property in sydney Propertybuyer specialises in assisting Australian expatriate buyers buy their dream home or investment property in Australia. Whether you are watching the rain falling in London, sweltering in the humidity of Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong or just sick of the traffic in New York, be assured that there is a place called home in Australia.

How We Help Foreign Buyers of Australian Property

Buying Australian property while living overseas is a difficult process as you need to keep up with:

  • Local trends
  • Understand the local market prices
  • Know how local agents operate
  • Decide which properties for sale will meet your requirements.

The Sydney property market is made up of a number of sub-markets and we protect foreign buyers from paying too much or buying the wrong type of property. Propertybuyer provides independent advice and assistance to international investors (and home buyers with permanent residence status) to navigate the Australian property market.

Propertybuyer offers a full search service that includes a complete buying solution to ensure a successful property or investment purchase in Australia, this service includes:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Suburb Analysis
  3. Extensive Research
  4. Access to off-market properties
  5. Property Negotiation
  6. Current Market Update
  7. Discretion and confidentiality
  8. Coordination of support

Foreign buyers must buy a brand new property (or buy land and build within 2 years). Propertybuyer understands the local market and has access to all new and “hidden” listings that may be suitable for you. We can show you the suburbs that have the best lifestyle, schools, entertainment, sporting facilities, investment potential or other key features you desire.

Benefits Of Using a Buyers' Agent for Expats and Foreign Investors

Many of our international or expatriate clients are aware of the advantages of buying a house in Australia while they are still overseas. This allows them to get ahead of the property growth cycle and capitalise on excellent local investment opportunities even if they’re not yet on Australian soil.

  • Propertybuyer’s agents are up to date with the latest research and trends in the Australian real estate market, giving our overseas buyers in-depth, localised information on choosing properties with the best features and capital gains potential.
  • We’re also able to give our overseas buyers access to both on and off-market listings and provide them with information that not even local buyers have access to.
  • Using our expert negotiation skills we’ll also save you a packet when it comes to buying a house and securing it ahead of other buyers.

Propertybuyer has secured over 3000 properties for investors and homebuyers both locally and internationally. Our team strives for excellence, commitment, integrity, teamwork and enthusiasm. Meet the team below or visit our team page to find out more.


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Where Are The Best Suburbs To Buy Property In Australia?

Sydney is a world class city with a multicultural population of almost 5 million people, a beautiful natural harbour, pristine beaches and was home to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. We have assisted many international buyers purchase property in Sydney from their locations abroad. Purchasing a property in the Sydney real estate market is a wise decision that will provide substantial capital gains over the long term.

If you’re an overseas real estate buyer looking specifically for your next home or investment property, we will advise you on the best suburbs and brief you on all aspects of our property research to ensure you make an informed decision. We are constantly researching local and international property investment hotspots and can deliver a range of properties to suit your specific investment requirements, whether they be for capital growth or positive cashflow.

Propertybuyer has a network of buyers agents in many areas in Australia including:

Have a look at all the areas we service here. We are flexible and are able to meet your specific requirements. We will assist with the co-ordination of all support services relating to your purchase and will communicate with you at every stage of the process.

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Read Our Latest Testimonials From Our International Home Buyers

Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Jonathan & Gina

"Matt Corbett from Propertybuyer worked with us on overcoming any concerns about lack of control being overseas. It was great – we got the place below our maximum. If you are thinking about engaging Propertybuyer, consider it! Even if you are not overseas as it takes the stress out of auction.

It was great – we got the place below our maximum.

Client - Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Jonathan & Gina

Sydney CBD - Investor - Geoffrey

"Nick Taylor-Fick at Property Buyers was very professional throughout. He was well researched, organized and prepared. He made the experience much easier and more efficient. We are very happy and pleased that we have bought a house in the right location that is also a nice house. Property Buyers take the worry and the work out of Property research and buying. They are also a great support throughout this often-emotional experience. Nick Taylor-Fick was not only a consummate professional but he became our friend. We trust him and we hope to engage his services again in the future. But maybe when the weather is cooler in Sydney !

…consummate professional, he became our friend.

Inner West - Homebuyer - Jonathan & Arya

"We were really happy with Anna. She understood exactly what we wanted and seemed not to be too off put or concerned by the really tough market. Anna kept our expectation in check and was very patient with us.

We are sure we would actually never have been able to buy a property in Sydney…without propertybuyer."

Client - Jonathan & Arya



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Visa Entry Options into Australia

The Australian Business Innovation and Investment visa is designed to promote investing and carrying out business in Australia by granting permission for applicants to reside in Australia. In summary, the visa allows you to:

  • Establish a new or develop an existing business and/or invest in Australia
  • Travel in and out of Australia for the life of your visa
  • Bring family members with you to Australia
  • Fast-track your permanent residency application

There are four streams of this visa and there different requirements for each type:

1. Business Innovation
For people with who want to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia.Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government.

2. Investor
For people who want to make a designated investment of at least AUD $1.5 million in an Australian state or territory and maintain business and investment activity in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government.

3. Significant Investor Visa
This is also known as the Significant Investor Visa (SIV). To be eligible, you must invest a minimum of AUD $5 million over four years in complying investments.

  • No more than 10% of the investment vehicle’s net assets can be indirectly invested in residential real estate (eg. via managed funds and listed property trusts)
  • Up to $3 million may be invested in managed fund(s) or LICs that invest in a combination of eligible assets that include:
    – Australian listed securities
    – eligible corporate bonds or notes
    – annuities; and
    – real property (subject to the 10 per cent limit on residential real estate)
  • Direct investment in residential real estate is not a complying investment, however SIV holders can still independently invest in residential real estate so long as it complies with foreign investment rules

This visa also has a residency requirement of:

  • The primary applicant residing in Australia for 40 days per year (or 160 days over four years); or
  • the secondary applicant (who can be a spouse or de facto partner) to reside in Australia for 180 days per year (or 720 days over four years)

In return, the visa allows a path to permanent residency over four years. Applicants can be nominated by a state or territory government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian government.

4. Premium Investor Visa
This is also known as the Premium Investor Visa (PIV). To be eligible, you must invest a minimum of AUD $15 million over four years in complying investments including real property (excluding residential property). PIV holders can still independently invest in residential real estate so long as it complies with foreign investment rules.
The PIV offers a 12 month pathway to permanent residency. Applicants must be nominated by Austrade on behalf of the Australian government.

Note: other specific eligibility requirements for the above visa apply. See the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for more information.
Click here for a referral to an Immigration Lawyer that can fast track your Visa approval.


The Australian Government encourages foreign investment that is consistent with community interests. The Government recognises the significant contribution that foreign investment has made and continues to make to the development of Australia. Foreign investment provides scope for higher rates of economic activity and employment than could be achieved from domestic levels of savings. Foreign direct investment also provides access to new technology, management skills and overseas markets.

What type of property can foreign investors buy?

Vacant Land
Subject to an investor commencing construction within 24 months of FIRB approval.

New dwellings
Investors can purchase new dwellings. Where approval is obtained by the foreign investor for each purchase, there is no restriction on the number of units in the development that can be purchased by that foreign investor. A foreign investor wishing to purchase more than one unit is also able to make one application for all of the units provided each unit is itemised on the application. This category includes dwellings that are part of extensively refurbished buildings where the building’s use has undergone a change from non-residential (for example, office or warehouse) to residential. It does not include established residential real estate that has been refurbished or renovated.

Commercial real estate includes vacant and developed property which is not for residential purposes – such as offices, factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and shops. It does not include rural land. Purchase of commercial property is normally approved unless it is contrary to the national interest. This is determined by the Government on a case by case basis. Acquisition of certain types of commercial property do not require notification, regardless of the citizenship or residency status of the purchaser including:

  • An interest in developed commercial property valued at less than $50 million or $953 million (indexed annually) for US investors, or $5 million for heritage listed properties where the acquirer is not a US investor; or
  • An interest in developed commercial property where the property is to be used immediately and in its present state for industrial or non-residential commercial purposes. The acquisition must be wholly incidental to the purchaser’s proposed or existing business activities.

Note: Second-hand dwellings
Foreign persons are prohibited from acquiring established dwellings for investment purposes (that is, they cannot be purchased to be used as a rental or holiday property), irrespective of whether they are temporary residents in Australia or not. Foreign buyers can purchase an established dwelling as a home provided you receive approval from the FIRB (which typically takes from 2 to 10 days).

Significant Investor Visa
From the 24 Nov 2012, the Australian Government has created a new class of visa available to business people and high net worth individuals looking to invest at least $5 million in the Australian economy. In return for investing in State and Territory Bonds, Managed Funds or directly into Australian Companies overseas investors are offered concessions on the usual visa requirements.

To be granted a permanent Significant Investor visa, primary visa holder must be resident in Australia for at least 40 days for every year or part year that they have held a provisional Significant Investor visa. The residence period does not need to be met per year but can be met cumulatively over the time the primary visa holder held the provisional visa.

By obtaining a Significant Investment Visa, holders may purchase residential or commercial real estate subject to FIRB regulations.





Who does not require Government approval? (Exemptions)

You do not need to submit an application for approval to acquire real estate in Australia if:

  • you are an Australian citizen living abroad
  • your spouse is an Australian citizen (not a permanent resident) and you are purchasing residential real estate in both names as joint tenants (not tenants in common)
  • you are a New Zealand citizen and you are purchasing residential property
  • you hold a permanent resident visa and you are purchasing residential property
  • you are purchasing new dwelling(s) from the developer, where the developer has pre-approval to sell those dwellings to foreign persons
  • you are acquiring an interest in a time share scheme which does not permit you (and any of your associates) more than 4 weeks entitlement per year
  • you are purchasing certain residential real estate in an Integrated Tourism Resort (ITR)
  • you are acquiring an interest in developed commercial property valued at less than $50 million or $1004 million (indexed annually) for US investors, or $5 million for heritage listed properties where the acquirer is not a US investor
  • you are acquiring an interest in developed commercial property where the property is to be used immediately and in its present state for industrial or non residential commercial purposes. The acquisition must be wholly incidental to the purchaser’s proposed or existing business activities
  • you are acquiring an interest by will or by operation of law (such as, a court order regarding the division of property in a divorce settlement, but not if both parties simply agree to transfer property without a court’s intervention)
  • or you are purchasing property from the Government (Commonwealth, State or Territory, or local)

Do I need Government approval to buy real estate in Australia?

You may need to apply for foreign investment approval if you are a foreign interest who is:

  • purchasing residential real estate (includes established or new residential property, vacant land and hobby farms)
  • purchasing rural land
  • purchasing developed commercial real estate
  • making an application for designation as an Integrated Tourism Resort or Strata Titled Hotel
  • purchasing vacant commercial real estate for development
  • acquiring shares, business assets or dealing with some other interest in an existing company
  • creating a new business or project
  • dealing with some other form of interest

A foreign interest is defined as:

  • a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia
  • a corporation in which a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia or a foreign corporation holds a substantial interest
  • a corporation in which two or more persons, each of whom is either a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia or a foreign corporation, hold an aggregate substantial interest
  • the trustee of a trust estate in which a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia or a foreign corporation holds a substantial interest, or
  • the trustee of a trust estate in which two or more persons, each of whom is either a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia or a foreign corporation, hold an aggregate substantial interest

Other situations where FIRB approval is normally given includes:

  • Foreign companies buying residences in Australia for their senior executives
  • Foreign nationals temporarily resident in Australia for more than 12 months buying for their own use as a principal place of residence subject to the sale of the property when they cease to reside in Australia
  • Foreign nationals purchasing residential real estate as joint tenant with an Australian spouse

For further information and detailed government policies are available on the Foreign Investment Review Board website.



Frequently Asked Questions From Overseas Buyers


Foreign buyers are able to purchase brand new property (or buy land and build) in Australia.


Property investments in the major capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne typically double in value every 10 to 12 years.

Property investment in Australia is an excellent strategy, if the right location and property types are carefully selected.

Potential real estate and property investors need only look at the performance of median residential property prices in Sydney and Melbourne to see the significant returns that long term investors can make by buying well located property. Investors seeking advice on where to invest in real estate should choose their advisors carefully and ensure that any advice given is not tainted by commission driven sales people. Independent property investment help can be provided by buyers agents that are licenced in the relevant state you are buying and have a strong track record and at least 5 years experience.


To invest in Australian property you can buy either as an Australian citizen or as a foreign buyer. If you hold permanent residency (or are an Australian citizen) then you can buy established property. If you are classified as a foreign buyer, then you can only buy brand new property as regulated by the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) guidelines.

The first step to considering where to invest in Australian real estate is to get your finance pre-approved. The next step is to consider which property investment strategy will work best for your individual situation (tax, income stage of life considerations etc). Then you need to consider which suburbs to target and it is recommended you engage with local real estate investment experts who can guide you.


Choosing a local buyers agent to help you to buy real estate requires more than just looking at their fees. Search for truly independent buyers agents that have a strong reputation, more than 5 years experience, and are licenced in the state you are purchasing. Look at the quality of their testimonials and ensure they have deep connections with local sales agents to find off market opportunities. Seek our buyers agents that have strong experience with foreign buyers and expats for buyers of Australian property.


To sell your property while overseas, consider engaging the advice of a local buyers agent to provide a vendor advocacy service. The buyers agent will act as your independent advisor on how to select the best local selling agent. As these buyers agents see the activity, negotiating and marketing skills of the selling agent on a daily basis, they are able to provide the best insight into which agents can truly act in the best interests of the vendor. They will provide a referral and warm introduction to the sales agent who will then establish a marketing campaign to list and sell your property while abroad.