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Catching the Next wave of Property Growth - What Every Investor Needs to Know

Date:               Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Time:               12.30pm- 1.30pm (Sydney time)

Presenters:     Rich Harvey, CEO, propertybuyer.com.au

                          Terry Ryder, Hotspotting.com.au


The property market has seen a dramatic turnaround following a COVID-19 induced downturn in 2020. How long will this next boom last? And what is driving the market?

In this live webinar we will be discussing a range of locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle that investors should consider for their next investment.

We will also be looking at the drivers in the economy and uncover the potential pitfalls that could wobble the property market.

Multi-award-winning Buyers’ Agent Rich Harvey, CEO of Propertybuyer and respected researcher and commentator Terry Ryder Founder of Hotspotting.com.au will review a range of topics that you must hear.

They will be discussing:

• Are we at the start of another property boom?
• How should buyers approach a rising market?
• What will transpire after March, once job-keeper finishes?
• Where should I be investing for the best capital growth and cashflow yields?
• What trends has covid set in motion that will continue well into the future?
• When will listing volumes start to rise – what is holding vendors back?
• What impact have expats returning had on the property market?
• Is the exodus to affordable lifestyle going to continue once the vaccine is in place?
• Is now a good time for investors?

This is a highly insightful webinar you JUST CAN’T MISS.
Get real insights into real issues so you are confident with your property decisions.


Property Market Directions in 2021

Date: Wednesday 9th Decmeber 2020

Time: 12:30 - 1:30pm (Sydney time)

Presented by: Rich Harvey & Dr Andrew Wilson


I have invited Dr Andrew Wilson, Chief Economist of My Housing Market, to help me uncover the likely directions of the property market for 2021.

We will also reflect on the tumultuous 2020 year with many COVID-19 induced trends now accelerating and discuss which trends are likely to persist, and which will fade away.

Is there really a new “normal” in the property market?

We will be covering a wide range of questions and topics including:

  • Predictions for the major capital cities over the next 2 to 3 years.
  • Will houses perform better than units?
  • What property types may struggle in the next 12 months
  • Market segments that investors should avoid.
  • The outlook for commercial property.
  • Why bank economists get their forecasts so wrong
  • A review of the supply situation – are listing volumes likely to increase, stay the same or decrease?
  • What is driving this pent up post-Covid property demand?
  • What are the biggest economic headwinds as we move into 2021? 
  • The impact of high demand for international immigration numbers to Australia post-Covid?
  • What can we learn from NZ situation?
  • What will the impact of Covid spreading in the US and Europe on Australian economy and hence property market? 

This webinar will give you highly relevant and useful insights into the current market to help you make better property decisions.



Where to Find the Best Pockets of Value in the Sydney Market

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Webinar Replay

Presented by: Rich Harvey, Propertybuyer 

                           Terry Ryder, hotspotting.com.au

Finding the best value property is the goal of every property buyer. But where can home buyers and investors find genuine pockets of value in Sydney’s property market? Prices have declined but remain quite resilient in the face of the economic lockdown.

The spring property season has just commenced, and we traditionally see an increase in listings at this time of year. However, Covid has dented consumer confidence and the recession is starting to bite and the overall volume of listings is low, driving some buyers crazy.

In this live webinar we will be revealing the top 5 regions of Sydney where you can buy good quality properties with excellent value. Choosing a location to live or invest is not just a matter of hearing a hot tip – its about selecting a suburb that has strong fundamental drivers of long-term growth.

Multi-award-winning Buyers’ Agent Rich Harvey, CEO of Propertybuyer and respected researcher and commentator Terry Ryder Founder of Hotspotting.com.au will review the current landscape of the Sydney market to help you discover the best pockets of value.

They will be discussing: 

  • What’s really happening in the inner, middle and outer rings of Sydney?
  • How should buyers navigate this changing covid impacted market?
  • Will the so-called “fiscal cliff” materialise once job-keeper finishes?
  • What suburbs are showing the best value in this market?
  • With prices coming back - how much further could they fall?
  • Are some regions holding up better than others and why?
  • When will listing volumes start to rise – what is holding vendors back?
  • What trends has covid created and will this continue once a vaccine is found?
  • Is now a good time for home buyers looking to upsize or downsize?
  • Is now a good time for investors?
  • What is happening in the rental market?



Getting Finance Approval & Smart Property Strategies in a Covid Environment

Tuesday 11th August 2020

Time: 12.30pm

Online Live Webinar

Presented by: Rich Harvey, Propertybuyer 

                              Louisa Sanghera, Zippy Financial

The property market is still ticking along and actively trading despite the negative media headlines.  History has shown how resilient the property market has been during various crises. 

In this information packed webinar, I have invited Louisa Sanghera, the multi-award-winning finance broker from, Zippy Financial to share her abundant knowledge.  I will be sharing my latest insights into the property market and give an accurate update on where prices are heading and the latest auction and sentiment results, PLUS I will be share some excellent strategies you can use right now to get a foothold into the property market.

We will be covering a wide range of questions and topics including: 

  • How to position your finance approval so the bank says YES faster.
  • How lending criteria has changed since the Banking Royal commission
  • Why interest rates are not the most important factor.
  • The key differences between costs of interest only and principal and interest loans
  • How to structure your loans for the maximum tax effectiveness.
  • The six things you must do before you submit your application
  • Which lenders have the most favourable lending criteria
  • Refinancing and renegotiating my loan – Is it worth the effort?
  • Should I take advantage of deferred loan repayments?
  • What’s really happening in the property market?
  • Where are the best opportunities for property investors?
  • Is now a good time to consider upgrading my home?
  • What are the key things to watch out for when selecting my next property?
  • Is it still possible to build a property portfolio for retirement?
  • And much more….

If you’d like a better deal on your home and investment loans this is one webinar you literally can’t afford to miss. 

Get real insights into the current property market and the latest finance options so you are confident with your property decisions.



Property & Tax Strategies in Changing Times

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Time: 12.30pm

Online Live Webinar

Presented by: Rich Harvey, Propertybuyer 

                              Peter Locandro, Chan & Naylor

As we come out of Covid-19 economic hibernation and enter the new financial year, now is an ideal time to take stock of your financial situation and plan ahead.

July is the ideal time to review your tax and finances to get the right structures and strategies in place to take advantage of a changing market.  Everyone has different financial circumstances, but with a sound plan and strategy, you can start to put yourself in a better position for the future.

Some people think they can earn their way to wealth while others try to save their way to wealth.  Both these methods are difficult and take a lifetime.  With the right application of sound financial planning you can Leverage your way to wealth. 

In this webinar we have two highly experienced and successful speakers that will cover many of your burning questions, including:

  • Where is the property market heading in the next 6- 12 months?
  • What will happen when JobKeeper finishes?
  • How much have property prices really fallen?
  • What is a safe level of debt to hold in property?  What LVR at each life stage?
  • Can you still get depreciation on an older property?
  • What are the ongoing benefits of negative gearing – or is this strategy dead?
  • Simple tax strategies every investor must know.
  • When is it appropriate to start using a trust structure and what are the implications?
  • Pre-paying interest – is this a good idea?
  • How can I manage my property cashflow better?

To help me answer these great questions, I have invited Peter Locandro, Managing Director of Chan & Naylor, to share their expertise on how you can improve your tax affairs and get the right advice around the best way to move forward. 

This is one webinar you just can’t miss.


COVID-19 Impacts on property market (during & after)

Date: Wednesday 15 April 2020

Time: 12:30 - 1:45pm (Sydney time)

Place: Online

Presented by: Rich Harvey & Dr Andrew Wilson

COVID-19 has impacted us all.  It has created a dramatic economic shock worldwide and left many businesses and workers in turmoil.  The impact is far-reaching and had an immediate dampening effect on property sentiment.  But property fundamentals have not changed - they have just gone on hold and it’s now a buyers’ market.

We are already seeing signs that strict containment measures are slowing the rate of infection, but what exactly will play out in the property market? 

There’s no shortage of commentary, but how can you get a factual analysis of what is happening in the property market now and discover when things will settle down?

I’ve invited Dr Andrew Wilson Chief Economist of My Housing Market to provide some smart insights into the current situation in my next webinar.

Don't miss out, register now for tomorrow's webinar.

Dr Wilson is a long-term property expert and commentator and together we will be addressing the following issues: 

  • Will property prices crash or hold up?
  • What is the worst case and likely outcome of COVID-19 impacts?
  • How does coronavirus compare to the GFC?
  • How should buyers approach the market?
  • How should vendors approach the market?
  • What direction for auction clearance rates?
  • Is this a good time for home buyers to consider a move?
  • What strategies could property investors employ in this market?
  • What are the first signs market sentiment is improving? When will it be better?
  • Banks – What will happen to lending during this crisis?
  • The Government stimulus package – Is it enough to get us through?
  • How the real estate industry is continuing to operate.

You will also have the opportunity to ask LIVE questions in real time during the webinar.


Coronavirus: Threat or opportunity for housing market?

Tuesday 24th March

12.30pm - 1.30pm (Sydney time) 

The corona virus is having worldwide impacts and slowing trade and commerce across much of the globe that may tip some economies into temporary recession. Shakespeare’s famous line in Romeo and Juliet "A plague on both your houses!" seems very apt at this time, however this is not a time to panic or worry that the sky is falling.
In this webinar Terry Ryder will be joined by Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer to discuss how to navigate this challenging time. Terry and Rich have observed and lived through many property cycles and understand the changing market signals.
In this webinar we will examine the impact of the corona virus on the property market and look at:
* What should you do in this situation?
* What effect does a tanking share market have on the property market?
* Will the Governments proposed stimulus package be enough? How does it compare to GFC times?
* The Aussie dollar is dropping – how is this an opportunity?
* Interest rates at record lows – but for how long and what does this mean for the market?
* Are there hidden opportunities to buy in this market?
These are just a sample of the questions we will be discussing on the webinar – PLUS we give you the opportunity to ask LIVE questions in real time.
If you are seeking strong insights into the current situation this is a webinar you must attend.


The single biggest mistake Investors make

Tuesday 10th March

1pm - 2pm (Sydney time) 

Most investors make one big mistake - and all other mistakes flow from this one fundamental error - not spending the time and money to do the necessary research.

Property investment has been described as a "mugs game" in a recent media article, because so many small investors fail to achieve the outcomes they had hoped for. But you will get a poor result if you don't do your preliminary research - spending sufficient time yourself and getting quality information from a range of experts in property and finance.
If you fail to do this research you will end up buying the wrong property, for the wrong price in the wrong location.

Join us for a live panel discussion moderated by Terry Ryder of Hotspotting.
Joining him are Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer, Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management & Sales, Peter Foldes of Washington Brown Depreciation and James Dawson of the Commercial Investing Academy. The panel will be discussing the importance of treating property investment as a business not a hobby - and what you need to do to be successful and join the 1% of investors with multiple investment properties.