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Tuesday 24th March

12.30pm - 1.30pm (Sydney time) 


The corona virus is having worldwide impacts and slowing trade and commerce across much of the globe that may tip some economies into temporary recession. Shakespeare’s famous line in Romeo and Juliet "A plague on both your houses!" seems very apt at this time, however this is not a time to panic or worry that the sky is falling.
In this webinar Terry Ryder will be joined by Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer to discuss how to navigate this challenging time. Terry and Rich have observed and lived through many property cycles and understand the changing market signals.
In this webinar we will examine the impact of the corona virus on the property market and look at:
* What should you do in this situation?
* What effect does a tanking share market have on the property market?
* Will the Governments proposed stimulus package be enough? How does it compare to GFC times?
* The Aussie dollar is dropping – how is this an opportunity?
* Interest rates at record lows – but for how long and what does this mean for the market?
* Are there hidden opportunities to buy in this market?
These are just a sample of the questions we will be discussing on the webinar – PLUS we give you the opportunity to ask LIVE questions in real time.
If you are seeking strong insights into the current situation this is a webinar you must attend.




Tuesday 10th March

1pm - 2pm (Sydney time) 



Most investors make one big mistake - and all other mistakes flow from this one fundamental error - not spending the time and money to do the necessary research.

Property investment has been described as a "mugs game" in a recent media article, because so many small investors fail to achieve the outcomes they had hoped for. But you will get a poor result if you don't do your preliminary research - spending sufficient time yourself and getting quality information from a range of experts in property and finance.
If you fail to do this research you will end up buying the wrong property, for the wrong price in the wrong location.

Join us for a live panel discussion moderated by Terry Ryder of Hotspotting.
Joining him are Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer, Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management & Sales, Peter Foldes of Washington Brown Depreciation and James Dawson of the Commercial Investing Academy. The panel will be discussing the importance of treating property investment as a business not a hobby - and what you need to do to be successful and join the 1% of investors with multiple investment properties.



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Wednesday 30th Oct 2019


Thursday 31st Oct 2019


This webinar will cover: 

  • The range of non-bank lenders and source of funds

  • Pros and cons of non-bank lenders

  • Strategies to get your applications approved

  • How to uncover off-market development sites

  • Very brief market update

  • Peter’s Top 10 Financing Tips



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Tuesday 1st Oct 2019

8pm - 9pm

Wednesday 2nd Oct 2019

12.30pm - 1.30pm


The spring property season has seen a strong recovery in market sentiment with auction clearance rates at high levels and buyer demand back in full swing.  But with confidence returning we are not yet seeing a large rise in listing volumes which is resulting renewed price growth.

In this super-insightful webinar respected property market analyst, Louis Christopher of SQM Research and multi-award-winning Buyers’ Agent Rich Harvey, CEO of Propertybuyer will examine the current drivers of the market and discuss a range of issues





The Pyschology of Investing and Finance banner




in this webinar we will unpack the science behind good decision making and look at: 

  • What motivates you to take action?

  • How can you overcome investment fears and negativity?

  • How should property investors set realistic goals?

  • How can you avoid emotional decision making?

  • I’m on board, but how do I get my partner to invest with me?

  • Do you suffer from perception bias when looking at property data?

  • What is the best way to approach property investing in order to create a cashflow positive portfolio?

  • I’m keen to move forward but the bank is not budging – what next with lending?

 These are just some of the questions we will be discussing on the night.

Presented by: Rich Harvey, CEO & Founder - propertybuyer and Terry Ryder, Founder -



Art of Successful Downsizing

Art of Successful downsizing


Meet our experts Paul Harrop, PSK's GM, Rich Harvey, CEO Property Buyer and Lisa Oshlack, Director of Moving On.

Thinking of downsizing?

The upcoming downsizing seminar will answer any questions and concerns you may face as we explore;
• Financial Considerations – the importance of planning and advice.
• Today’s Australian property market
• Purchasing your new property and avoiding the emotional purchase
• The Downsize journey – From preparation to re-location

Hear from the experts on how to make the move as stress-free as possible.



Smart Tax Strategies for Property Investors

Smart Tax Strategies for Property Investors


Tuesday 16th July 2019

7.30pm - 8.30pm

There has been a fundamental change in buyer and selling psychology in the last 2 months.  In this unique webinar we address many of the key questions that you want answers for, including:

  • “Are at the bottom of the market?”

  • “What’s going to drive the market forward from this point?”

  • “How the property market has responded to Coalition Government win?”

  • “Property versus Shares? – Which is the better asset class?”

  • “What tax strategies can you use for the coming year?”

  • “Is holding property in trusts worth the effort?”

  • “Is buying property in SMSF still a good idea and possible?”

  • What are some “Equity building” property strategies investors can take?

  • Where can you find “Positive cashflow properties”?

  • What’s your prediction on interest rates?

To answer these topical questions, Rich Harvey, CEO & Founder, has invited Ed Chan, Chairman of Chan & Naylor, to share his expertise on how you can improve your tax affairs and get the right advice around the best way to move forward. 



Art of Successful Downsizing



Thursday 30th May 2019

1pm - 2.30pm


Rich Harvey - Buyers Agent will be presenting alongside these experts, Wayne Marriott - Principal of Marriott Lane Real Estate, Pip Archer - Director of Simply Downsize & Robert Dawson - Financial Adviser and Downsizing Specialist PSK Financial Services.

See what they will be talking about:
* Prepare your property to attract buyers
* Work a successful sales strategy to maximise your sale price
* Purchase your downsized property and avoid overpaying by removing the emotional purchase
* The financial considerations and how to structure your income in retirement



The Art of Successful Downsizing

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Thursday 11th April 2019 


The Terrace Funciton Room (Opposite Lane Cove Acquatic Centre)


 Thinking of Downsizing?

Free info session not to be missed.

The Art of Successful Downsizing - Meet the experts.


Rich Harvey, Bernadette Hayes, Dimitra Oldham, Robert Dawson.


Buying & Selling Strategies in a Changing Market



Wednesday 10th April 2019 - 6.30pm Rydges North Sydney


The current market conditions are ideal for upgrading and upsizing and there are positive signs we are fast approaching the bottom of the market. The next three to six months provide the ideal opportunity for buyers and sellers to capitalise.


Discover how you can take advantage of the changing market conditions and make securing your dream home or investment property a reality.
Speakers: Rich Harvey, CEO & Founder - propertybuyer, Ewan Morton, Director, Morton Real Estate, Tom Hawley, Director - Azura Financial



What's Up and What's Down - Opportunities You May Be Missing

Whats Up Whats Down Webinar - Banner-1

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Wednesday 27th March 2019 - 7pm Sydney time


Media commentary leaves most property observers thoroughly confused about what is really happening at the ground level with real estate.  Have we got further to fall?  Is the market leveling out and how reliable are the current figures?

To provide cut-through about where the market is heading and unique opportunities in this market Rich Harvey, CEO and Founder, and Terry Ryder, Founder of will share their insights and experience to help you navigate these choppy waters.





  • “Rich is a good speaker and obviously passionate about his area of expertise”
  • I found out a lot about what a Buyers’ Agent does and how they can assist me”
  • “It was honest; easy to follow with up to date property market info”
  • “Information on property investment strategies”
  • “Spoke in our terms, very knowledgeable with no pressure sales”
  • “A buyer’s agent would be invaluable to anyone purchasing a property in a new city especially someone who has recently migrated from abroad”
  • “Great ideas around obtaining a higher yield with the Dual Living and Granny Flats”
Keep an eye out on this page for updates or subscribe to your free monthly market update to be kept informed!

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