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Our Latest Client Testimonials

See what our latest clients have to say about Propertybuyer.

"We didn't know where to start, we hadn't bought property in australia. We bought property overseas and knew the process there, but this is a very different market. So we felt we needed people who understood that.

When we started becoming serious about the search we began to realize that there was so much inventory that if we were doing the search ourselves we just didn't have access. It's just the way of the market. And that's when we realized we're definitely going to need a property buyer.

Munro was great and very diligent, always picks up the phone, always answers a text message. He's on it, once you appoint him he goes for it."

Client - Nicole

Northern Beaches - Home Buyer - Patrice

Propertybuyer were very professional and efficient. Matt knew the market well and quickly assessed our requirements and tastes. The whole process saved us time and money and prevented us making mistakes through lack of knowledge of the differences between the NSW real estate purchasing process and that which is used in QLD.

“…saved us time and money and prevented us from making mistakes.”

Client – Patrice


Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Jonathan & Gina

Matt Corbett from Propertybuyer worked with us on overcoming any concerns about lack of control being overseas. It was great – we got the place below our maximum. If you are thinking about engaging Propertybuyer, consider it! Even if you are not overseas as it takes the stress out of auction.

“It was great – we got the place below our maximum.”

Client - Jonathan & Gina


Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Natalie & Clint

We had been watching the real estate market online and in the paper for over a year but found ourselves way out of our depth when we actually started viewing properties. We found the Sydney property market to be very expensive, very fast moving and very intimidating. We were first time buyers who could not afford the type of house we would ideally like to live in on the Northern Beaches and so followed up on the recommendation from our mortgage broker to investigate the services of a ‘Buyers’ Agent’.

“…really took the pain and frustration out of our process.”

Client - Natalie & Clint

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Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Kirsty & Craig

Having never attended an auction before it was a little daunting being corralled into the back garden of our prospective dream home. The auctioneer began talking at a thousand miles an hour, while several real estate agents circled amongst bidders and onlookers. The words of wisdom from Michael Caton gleaned from a couple of episodes of Hot Property they weren’t going to help us much now.

“Having seen first-hand the advantage of having an expert bid for you…”

Client - Kirsty & Craig

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Northern Beaches - Home Buyer - Anja

We are first-time property investors from interstate. When our financial advisor suggested we use a buyers’ agent, we were sceptical. Having spoken to the team at propertybuyer, we became more comfortable with the idea, and our experience since then has been wholly positive. Matt Corbett provided us with an excellent service which included information and advice about all aspects of securing sound investment property.

“…led us through the buying process with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.”

Clients - Adrian & Claire

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Northern Beaches - Home Buyers - Markos & Christina

Good advice, good understanding of our needs. We felt great! It was so simple and so fast. If you are thinking of engaging propertybuyer, go for it! Having just bought our second property through Propertybuyer, we can only recommend them. Matt was a great partner, very knowledgeable and well connected, enabling us to buy a property in record time.

“…very knowledgeable and well connected.”

Clients - Markos & Kristina