Propertybuyer specialises in sourcing homes in Western Sydney (Penrith, Liverpool & Blacktown Local Government areas) with the aim of creating high yielding investments that also have capital growth and/or sub‐division potential. To achieve this we source properties that satisfy State Government and Local Council requirements for the construction of a self- contained detached flat on t! he block. Before offering a property to a client we conduct due diligence in conjunction with a licensed builder to complete our 20 point check list.

    We’ve helped hundreds of investors with their plans to create a positive cashflow property portfolio. Finding a suitable site for a granny flat is not a walk in the park. It takes some detective work to identify the most suitable suburbs where the rental demand is high so the cashflow is positive. We often recommend a small renovation to the existing home at the same time as granny flat construction in order to add capital value and lift the rental return.

    Here is a summary of the process that we use to help you:

    1. Engage propertybuyer
    2. We identify suburbs with high rental demand, affordable median price and established infrastructure
    3. Research and shortlist – many of these are off-market properties.
    4. Inspections and evaluation – we conduct thorough due diligence to ensure all planning issues resolved (e.g. block size, setbacks, services etc)
    5. Negotiate and secure – property contracts exchanged
    6. Scope of works for granny flat and/ or renovation
    7. Architect and builder engaged
    8. Local recommended property manager coordinates house tenant
    9. Property settled
    10. Granny flat plans certified or lodged with council (most are approved within 10 days as a complying development)
    11. Home owners warranty insurance confirmed
    12. Construction commences (8 to 10 weeks)
    13. Tenant secured for granny flat

    The key to success with the granny flat strategy is good project management. We use fully licensed/insured builders and professionals to make sure the process flows smoothly – right through to helping you select a good managing agent.


    The next step is to complete your Property Brief. This will help us not only start researching listings which cater to your specific needs, but also match you with the buyers agent most experienced in your category. Once you've filled in the form and hit send we'll contact you to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your choices in more detail and talk about the next steps.