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Hear the latest weekly insights into the property market via podcast by Rich Harvey, CEO and founder of Propertybuyer.

Fri 14 Jun '24 with Rich Harvey Tax Effective Property Investment Strategies
Fri 24 May '24 with Rich Harvey Granny Flats: Boost Your Yields & Faster Mortgage Repayments
Fri 3 May '24 with Rich Harvey Unpacking the Northern Beaches with Incredible Agents
Fri 29 Mar '24 with Rich Harvey How to build a $7 Million Property Portfolio from scratch
Sat 16 Mar '24 with Rich Harvey Why Invest in Melbourne?
Mon 26 Feb '24 with Rich Harvey Sydney’s Inner West – Hotspots and Outlook for 2024


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The Propertybuyer

Fri 14 Jun '24
with Rich Harvey
Tax Effective Property Investment Strategies
Fri 24 May '24
with Rich Harvey
Granny Flats: Boost Your Yields & Faster Mortgage Repayments
Fri 3 May '24
with Rich Harvey
Unpacking the Northern Beaches with Incredible Agents
Fri 29 Mar '24
with Rich Harvey
How to build a $7 Million Property Portfolio from scratch
Sat 16 Mar '24
with Rich Harvey
Why Invest in Melbourne?
Mon 26 Feb '24
with Rich Harvey
Sydney’s Inner West – Hotspots and Outlook for 2024


Listen to many more
podcasts on our
Podcasts page.




Put simply, a buyers' agent is someone on your side!

Buyer's agents (or buyers advocates) are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer.

An exclusive buyers' agent solely represents home buyers and property investors in purchasing residential and commercial real estate.


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Why do you need a buyers' agent on your side? Well, there are many key benefits of using a buyers' advocate to help you find your next investment property or home, the main benefits include:
  • Saving time in searching for your next home or investment property as our buyers' agents have extensive knowledge of their local real estate markets. Their years of experience will guide you through the process more quickly than if you were doing it all yourself.
  • Gaining gleaning local knowledge from our expert property buyers’ advocates who know their service areas so well that they can give you accurate and up-to-date information about market value and potential for growth in every suburb and every street. This information is invaluable as you decide where in Australia you’ll get the best ROI.
  • Receive accurate appraisals to get the true market value of the property you might have your eye on. 
  • Access off-market properties thanks to the network of real estate contacts our property buyers’ agents have, and their expertise in discreetly finding and securing any off-market listings that meet your criteria.
  • Access the latest market data and predictions using our proprietary software "Suburb SelectorTM".
  • Avoid stressful auctions and making emotional decisions that result in you paying more than the property is worth. Our real estate buyers’ advocates know the tricks of the trade and have strategies in place to ensure you secure the right property at the right price.
  • Referrals to support partners.
  • Have a professional buyers’ agent in Australia guide you throughout the entire buying process.

Buyers’ agents help anyone who is seeking specialist advice on a property purchase, whether they are professional executives, first time home buyers, experienced investors, commercial buyers and developers.


The key difference between a buyers’ agent (or advocate) and a traditional selling agent is whom they represent. A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller). A buyers’ advocate is paid for their service as either a fixed fee or as a percentage of the purchase price. A buyers’ advocate does not sell real estate. By law, an agent in Australia cannot act for (and accept a commission) from both parties in the transaction.

Be careful in dealing with a buyers' advocate (or agent) who is situated within a traditional sales office.

They are not independent and would have an inherent conflict of interest or bias in recommending their own local stock of listings; for example, a buyers’ agent in Sydney who works within a sales agency in a certain suburb will only show properties in that area and be unlikely to get access to other sales agents’ off-market listings (as the other agents are reluctant to deal with them). Exclusive property buyers’ advocates will search all of the suitable areas in Sydney’s real estate market and not have a vested interest in any specific property or selling agency.



A good quality Sydney buyers’ agent or buyers' advocate should undertake five key steps in delivering their services.

  1. Strategy. First, they should listen to your needs, desires, goals and wants and help you formulate a “Buyer’s Brief”. Without a clear picture of your requirements, they will be searching in the dark. If you are a home buyer, your buyers’ advocate will help you identify the best suburbs that will fit your budget and lifestyle needs. For example, if you want a large family home in Sydney that is close to good schools, your buyers’ advocate will only look in areas with suitable properties in suitable locations. On the other hand, if you want to invest in student accommodation in Sydney, the brief is entirely different as you may favour close transport links and shopping centres.
  2. Research. The property buyers’ agent already has a wealth of information on the cities and suburbs in their area. This cuts down the time it would take to educate the buyer about the key suburbs they are targeting. Using this information, buyers’ advocates in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, for example, can provide suburb profiles and information about recent sales that match the buyers’ brief.
  3. Shortlist. Next, the real estate buyers' agent searches for properties that meet the key criteria and summarise these into a best-fit shortlist. They should have an extensive network of sales agents to contact to find suitable properties. The buyers' advocate would then arrange a suitable time for you to inspect the properties.
  4. Evaluation. Once the ideal property is found and agreed upon, the buyers’ agent will complete an appraisal of the property and give a clear indication of current market value. As seasoned professionals, real estate buyers’ agents offer valuable market insight about the true value of your potential purchase. Whether your purchase is to be the family home or an investment property, you want to make a decision based on sound knowledge of the local market.
  5. Negotiate and Secure. The last step is where property buyers’ agents really show their expertise. By negotiating well and getting the inside scoop on how the sale is progressing, a buyers’ agent can save you a lot of money (and prevent you from making an emotional purchase). Buyers’ advocates aim to negotiate the best price and terms to secure the property. Moreover, they will help coordinate the required pest and building (or strata) inspections and help facilitate the exchange of contracts. That alone takes a lot of stress out of the purchase process.


Save Time: A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster.

Searching the internet, calling agents, arranging inspections and viewing properties every weekend can continue for months on end, which is exhausting and can make it difficult to maintain momentum. Professional buyers’ agents will have an extensive and established network of real estate agents to draw on to produce a qualified list of properties to suit your preferences.

From this list the buyers' agent will efficiently cull the unsuitable properties leaving only the most ideal properties for you to view at a convenient time.

The average home buyer or investor typically takes 6 to 12 months to get to know the local real estate market, find properties and eventually secure one. By this time, it’s possible that a rising market may have seen prices increase by over 10%. Even with all the latest apps and online tools, it still takes time to vet the vast array of options available and work out what is worth inspecting. With a qualified buyers' agent on your side, finding that perfect property in Sydney (or Melbourne or Brisbane) can take as little as 30 days.

Save Money: We’ll negotiate the lowest possible price.

A skilled real estate buyers' agent will be able to save you a lot of money! As they are in the business of buying properties on a daily basis they become very proficient at negotiating. For example, a Sydney buyers' advocate will protect you from making an emotional purchase in an area that looks lovely but doesn’t have as much promise as a suburb a few streets away. As they don’t have a vested interest in the property, they can negotiate objectively on your behalf.
Negotiating is an art – especially when dealing with real estate agents. Selling agents have lots of tricks and tactics to use on unsuspecting buyers.

An expert buyers' agent will be able to level the playing field and give you the upper hand in negotiations.

Buyers’ advocates know the local real estate market values intimately, so they will be able to provide you with the confidence that you are paying the right price. When it comes to bidding at auction, the buyers’ agent knows which tactics are successful and which are not, and is able to prevent you from getting caught up in the heat of the moment.

Save Stress: Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Let your buyers' advocate deal with real estate agents.

Let’s face it – dealing with real estate agents is not top of everyone’s priority list. Research has shown that selling agents rank poorly on the trust scale of professionals (doctors at the top car salesman and real estate agents on the bottom). Using an experienced and licenced buyers’ agent means you never have to deal with real estate agents.

Underquoting is a common practice that causes many buyers incredible frustration. A skilled property buyers' agent in Sydney, for example, will be able to determine in a heartbeat if the price quoted is realistic and if you have a chance of securing the property. Having a buyers' advocate on your side means you get the truth about the market, the property and what needs to be done to buy it successfully (without the selling agent knowing you are emotionally attached).

Discover silent listings: We can uncover the 40% of properties sold on the quiet in Australia.

Did you know that our property buyers' advocates in Sydney can uncover many “off-market” opportunities for you to view?

With a wide network of professional real estate agents, the buyers' advocate can get access to new listings before they hit the open market. Some vendors prefer to sell in the quiet and avoid the hassle of open inspections and to avoid marketing fees. Sales agents like dealing with buyers' agents as they present a qualified buyer, with finance approved and ready to buy.

Off market opportunities abound in the prestige market with a very high percentage sold in this manner. Privacy and discretion are the main reasons for luxury property vendors choosing a silent listing method of sale. Buyers' agents are usually the first to be notified of these opportunities.

Buy right: Location is everything. Discover the facts about the hot spots before you buy.

Whether you are buying a home or investment property, selecting the right suburb is paramount for your success. Buyers' agents that specialise in investment property have access to the latest research and statistics to help you pinpoint the best areas for long-term capital growth. There is a clear science behind property investing and sticking to the fundamental drivers of population growth, employment opportunities and infrastructure growth means you can optimise your investment decision-making.

The investment buyers’ agent will provide research on the areas recommended then commence shortlisting specific properties that fit the investment criteria.

This removes the uncertainty and guesswork that are inevitable if you try purchasing real estate for investment purposes on your own, and provides you with the opportunity to maximise your returns.

Young boy pushing his excited sister on a swing, in the backyard of their family home


A buyers’ agent is paid for their professional service as either a fixed fee or as a percentage of the purchase price. Buyers’ advocates typically offer three main services: full search, appraise and negotiate and auction bidding. The fees may range from 1.5% to 3% of the purchase price or the flat fee equivalent.

Property Investment growth

The majority of buyers agent set fees around three main services:

  1. Full search: Fees are set at 1.5% to 2.0% +GST of purchase price (or flat fee equivalent)
  2. Appraisal & Negotiation only: Fees approximately 0.9% +GST of purchase price (or flat fee equivalent)
  3. Auction bid only: Fees are $500 + GST for attendance and $1328 + GST success fee.

Most professional buyers’ agents charge an engagement fee as a form of retainer. This is simply compensation for the amount of time and effort the buyer’s agent will spend searching for properties and undertaking research. It also ensures commitment from the buyers’ advocate and the buyer. This ranges from $3300 up to 50% of the total fee payable.

The total buyers’ agent fee will depend on your specific requirements, search parameters, budget and degree of difficulty. It’s important to understand you are engaging a professional property consultant to act impartially as your representative in searching and negotiating for your next home or investment property.

It’s worth noting again that you must beware of selling agents masquerading as “Buyers’ agents” within a sales agency and only presenting their own listings. You want an independent buyers’ advocate who acts exclusively on your behalf and has only your best interests at heart. 

And one that is a member of REBAA - the Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia,  and PIPA - the Property Investment Professionals Association - whose members abide by a strict code of conduct. 


Propertybuyer is Australia’s most awarded buyers’ agency that helps you locate your dream home or investment property. Established over 20 years ago, credited with over 36 Awards for Excellence, and with over 3000 transactions completed, the Propertybuyer team has the experience, credentials and integrity to deliver the best buyers’ advocate service on a city level (for example, Sydney) and a state or territory level (for example, NSW).

Our team of expert local buyers’ advocates provides independent advice and excellent support to help you find and negotiate your ideal property. CEO & Founder Rich Harvey says, “Buyers’ Agent's should have professional support at each step of the buying process to save time searching, understand current market values, and avoid over-spending by making an emotional buying decision.”

Where do our buyers' agents service?

Frequently Asked Questions About Buyers' Agents


Buyers’ Agents provide a lot of value to property buyers. Buyers’ Agents can save you time by helping you find and evaluate the ideal home and negotiate the lowest price. They can also remove emotion and stress from the buying process. Their local expertise will help you understand current market value. They should also have deep connections with local real estate agents to find off-market opportunities, especially in prestige real estate where discretion is the watchword and record prices are set (AUD$71 million in Sydney, for example).


A buyers’ agent is a licenced agent who works solely and exclusively for the buyer and assists in all aspects of the purchase process, from finding and shortlisting properties to evaluating and negotiating prime real estate investments. A Realtor, on the other hand, is someone working for the vendor in selling a property and helps with marketing, advertising, conducting open homes, auctions and private treaty negotiations (with your buyers’ advocate, perhaps).


Look for an independent Buyers’ Agent with a good reputation for integrity, who engenders trust, and has your best interests at heart. You want a buyers’ advocate who has excellent local knowledge, credibility, a strong track record and good relationships with other agents in the real estate market. It’s even better if the buyers’ advocate has at least five years’ experience. Look into your buyers’ advocate to ensure they have good research systems, sound property buying and investment strategies, and are strong negotiators.


Buyers’ Agents usually charge a flat fee or a percentage fee based on the price point of the property you are seeking to purchase. Buyers’ agents charge this fee as a consideration of the time, effort, research, established networks and advice they provide to buyers who want to purchase a suitable property that meets their requirements.


In Australia, the seller does NOT pay the buyers’ agent fee. Buyers’ agent fees are paid for by the purchaser for representing them in the buying process. Buyers’ advocates’ services include assisting buyers with finding, shortlisting, evaluating and negotiating the best price for the target property.


To be classified as a Buyers’ Agent, you must hold the relevant real estate licence within the state you are purchasing. You cannot represent yourself as a buyers’ agent without the required licence and professional qualifications. A reputable buyers’ advocate would also have many years’ experience, deep local networks and a good track record. Outsourcing the buying process to a professional buyers’ agent can save buyers significant time, money and stress.


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