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Alex & Naomi’s story

Northern Suburbs Homebuyer

"..I am very satisfied with the results.... "

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Location: Northern Suburbs

Price: $ 900,000

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Appraisal, negotiation and auction bidding services on 2 properties.


With respect to my recent property purchase of a three bedroom house, I would like to thank propertybuyer for the great result he achieved by securing the purchase prior to auction at a great price. Given our circumstances, my wife Naomi and I were not in a position to undertake any research for properties ourselves, and given that we had been away from Sydney for a few years, we had lost touch with the market. We engaged propertybuyer to find and bid for a property on our behalf and I am very satisfied with the results.

In my opinion, you justified the expense of engaging a property buyer in three ways.

1. The market was rising; if we delayed the purchase by a few months until our circumstances changed and we had time to search, the market would have risen by more than your fees. The time taken between engaging propertybuyer and securing the property was 23 days, in a rising market this translated into money saved.

2. propertybuyer negotiated a better deal than I could have through his experience and knowledge of the real estate market.

3. propertybuyer selected a property that should achieve capital growth, without knowledge of the market. I would possibly have paid too much for a house that may not have had growth potential.

In closing, my wife and I felt propertybuyer offered a fantastic service. We were comfortable right from the start and appreciate the work propertybuyer put in on our behalf.

“propertybuyer negotiated a better deal than I could have…”

Alex & Naomi

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