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Fantine’s story

Inner West Homebuyer

"..the value of inside information.... "

Location: Inner West

Price: $ 2,250,000

Buyer type: Homebuyer


A person whose opinion I value greatly commended the services of a company they themselves had used and referred me to propertybuyer. I am extremely pleased that I took this advice. By securing the services of propertybuyer within less than a month of engagement, my family and I were able to find and subsequently secure what I truly believe to be the ideal home.

propertybuyer explained the process with great patience and clarity. They were faced with the stringent, at times contradicting desires of several parties, some of whom were overseas during the entire process. It never ceases to impress me that they were able to sift through all the information provided and come to an exact understanding of our wishes so as to compile a list of properties that seemed to suit the needs of all of us.

The search and subsequent attempts to secure this property happened to land in the midst of a very busy time for me so I was not able to dedicate the hunt very much physical time. The search came down to two properties. I instantly fell in love with one of them.

It is hard to put a price on the value of inside information. propertybuyer relayed their findings as to the current state of the property market, provided us with an accurate appraisal and gave a personal opinion on the suitability of the properties. However, and MOST importantly, during the negotiations they were able to manage not only the emotions of their client (I dare point the finger at myself) but also had to enough tactical sensitivity to manage the seller and their agent. I believe that this played a crucial role in closing the deal when it was barely hanging by a thread.

Despite being a first time buyer, I have been told many times not to vest emotions into a property that may potentially be lost, but I simply could not help it. It was unique in so many ways. A few weeks prior to engaging propertybuyer a friend asked me what my ideal property would look like. I proceeded to describe its features in detail so as to allow him to form an image in his head. When I showed him photographs of the property we’d managed to secure, he simply said “Amazing”. Despite that I knew this to be an amazing property I had to clarify what he meant, so he said, “It is amazing that you had such a clear vision of what you wanted, but even more so is that fact that I am seeing it in front of me”. I couldn’t agree more!

Thank You.

“I believe they played a crucial role in closing the deal…”

Fantine P, Vocalist

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