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Glenn & Poh Keng’s Story

Inner West Homebuyer

"..did the key-work for research... "

Location: Inner West

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: To move from a unit to a house to accommodate a growing family


The prospect of doing everything ourselves made us feel anxious, we were concerned that a) we would be paying too much; b) the whole process being too long and; c) fear of making a mistake due to our lack of expertise.


By having an expert in the Sydney property market who did the key-work for research to guide us through the process and achieved a great result in a very short time frame.  We felt relieved a major decision we were struggling to make a very short time frame had been completed with less stress.  If the thought of any part of the end-to-end process whilst trying to juggle your work and home life commitments fills you with anxiety, apprehension or fear, you should seriously consider engaging propertybuyer.

“…achieved a great result in a very short time-frame”

Maggie T, Registered Nurse

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Glenn & Poh had been looking on and off for several years to purchase a home for themselves and their 2 young daughters.  It was important to them to be near transport to work and a good school to their children.  We secured a property in their preferred suburb which met their criteria and gave them peace of mind with their decision.  Having taken away the anxiety and fears in the process was a great relief to them both.

Anna Rorke