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Jill’s Story

Inner West Homebuyer

"..lifted a huge weight off of me... "

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Location: Inner West

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Buyer's Brief: Appraise & Negotiate


I wanted a two bedroom unit in the Inner West that met most of the criteria on my wishlist.  I felt intimidated at the prospect of having to negotiate with real estate agents and lacked confidence in my ability to do so.  I was worried that I would be priced out of the market in the area I wanted to live.  My search coincided with a rise in housing prices, so this looked likely.  My other fear was having to pay more than I really wanted to.


Talking to Anna gave me a better understanding of how the market works.  Having to negotiate with agents lifted a huge weight off me. I think I would have either missed out on the property or paid a lot more without her.  Afterwards I felt relieved and very happy with the result.  I would recommend propertybuyer to anyone who lacks confidence negotiating, or experience in the market, it made everything much easier for me.

“…it made everything much easier for me.”

Jill S, Website Officer

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Jill had been looking to purchase a unit for her and her son to live in for some time prior to engaging our services.  We helped her negotiate the minefield of data provided by agents and secure a lovely unit without Jill being stressed and uncertain of her decision.

Anna Rorke