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Viki & Byrne's Story

Lower North Shore Homebuyer

"..We got the house that we never thought was possible... "

Location: Lower North Shore

Buyer type: Homebuyer

The Brief:

Viki & Byrne’s brief was to find a 3 to 4 bedroom property with study, guestroom, two parking spaces on a good sized block with preferably northerly aspect. The areas of interest were the Northern suburbs.

Client Comments:

We wanted to commend Nick on an absolutely outstanding job.   

In summary, he has a calm reassurance about him, is an amazing communicator and his flexibility is not something that you see every day.   

The standouts of the relationship were Nick continuing to engage with us after the initial interview and prior to us signing up. His flexibility in terms of areas we were looking in and finally, his whole approach to the negotiation.  He and Byrne had a quick discussion on what they both felt was fair and Nick went off and did his magic, culminating in us getting a house that we never thought would be possible.  This is also testament to the fantastic relationship that propertybuyer has with the various estate agents.

Viki & Byrne

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

I found working with Viki & Byrne’s detailed brief very helpful as it helped me to narrow down the property type and therefore exclude many properties that didn’t make the ‘cut’. They both are excellent & timely communicators and working with them, we soon became a ‘team’ and were able to secure the perfect property and at a decent price point before auction.

Nick Taylor-Fick