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Adrian & Suzy’s Story

Newcastle Investor

"..They will save you time... "

Location: Newcastle

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Positive cash flow investment with strong growth.


A cash flow positive investment property with strong long term capital growth. My work made me time poor. To do everything myself would be difficult. Plus, we do not know demographics and growth potential.


We had a lot of discussions with the buyers’ agent to help explain the pros and cons of properties. They will save you time and help you choose the right property.

“…help you choose the right property.”

Adrian & Suzy C., Construction

Buyers' Agent Comment:

Adrian & Suzy who are a repeat client of ours were looking for a combination of strong growth & healthy yield and we are always up for the challenge, and in fact, given our broad experience and award winning skill sets we thrive in challenging scenarios as we always want the very best outcome for our valued clients. My role was to locate an ideal property within Adrian & Suzy’s price point in a location that has been very consistent and a location that has great potential for growth along with a healthy yield.

Not only was I able to secure a new property in a location that has very few properties of this type (only 16% of that type of property in the suburb we purchased in and very few new properties), and in fact, the suburb we purchased in also has had amazing house growth of 9.7% p.a for the past 10 years & also 6% p.a for the past 10 years for apartments and these stats are in line and in fact outperforming many Sydney suburbs!

I spent much time with Adrian & Suzy advising and guiding and also personally taking them to the locations that would suit their criteria and educating them on different locations along with providing reports and statistics on these areas enabling them to make an educated decision and to choose the property that is ideal for them and I look forward to working with Adrian & Suzy again in due course.

Kevin Mason

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