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Julie's Story

Northern Suburbs Investor

"..Property ticked everything on my wish list... "

Location: Northern Suburbs

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Subdivision


I wanted to find an investment property that would enable me to build equity, I was open to the type of property and strategy be it renovation or potential development. I had been looking for a property for nearly 18 months but for various reasons hadn’t been able to secure a property.


Kevin was patient with my questions, he is very knowledgeable, introduced me to areas I hadn’t looked at previously. The area I ended up buying in I was not familiar with, but Kevin was which gave me confidence. Kevin has a good understanding of the various aspects of the development process but likewise has a good creative eye for seeing what is possible. Kevin could secure the property with a week to complete DD in a competitive market which was important. Very happy that the search is over and that the property ticked everything on my wish list – a rare thing indeed I am sure. If you are frustrated by searching, don’t have the time, can’t secure what you are realistically looking for or need an extra vote of confidence – why wouldn’t you consider engaging propertybuyer to find your property?

“…why wouldn’t you consider engaging propertybuyer to find your property?”

Julie S., Product Manager

Buyers' Agent:

Julie was a lovely person to work with and although she had been looking for over 18 x months unsuccessfully for a property with subdivision or secondary dwelling potential prior to engaging our services Julie was open to advice & guidance and her flexibility enabled me to successfully secure an ideal property for Julie very efficiently. Well done Julie for moving so quickly when needed.

Being able to surround myself with industry experts such as town planners, draftspeople, surveyors & builders allows me to gain insight & valuable information efficiently to allow my clients to confidently secure suitable opportunities. I look forward to further assisting & guiding Julie with this exciting project through to completion and then locating her next project!

Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason is a buyers' agent.

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