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Daniel’s Story

NSW Investor

"..Hassle free process... "

Location: NSW

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Investment with growth and yield


To buy an investment property with at least 10% growth and 6% rental yield on a $800K budget. I felt it would be too time consuming doing it on my own


It was a hassle free process and took away all the pain. Kevin managed to get a discount on the land, which pretty much covered the costs of using a buyers’ agent. I feel quite happy and on paper it looks like a promising deal for a duplex. If you are thinking of engaging propertybuyer, go for it! I have referred to at least 3 people.

“I have referred to at least 3 people.”

Daniel D., Product Manager

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Daniel was looking for an opportunity to manufacture equity and to also gain a high yield at the same time, all working to a tight budget. I looked at a number of options and decided on a ‘duplex strategy’ and located land in a growth area with high re-sale value, very close to a shopping centre, schools and the water’s edge. We organised quotes from builders, looked at the resale prices and determined the rental value based on the finished dwellings, outgoings and profit margin. We conducted due diligence with local council, MSB and other relevant authorities prior to exchanging the contracts, quickly and efficiently. We really do offer a property conciergeservice, ensuring the process is smooth, utilising the right builder, surveyors, town planners, solicitors, property managers etc. I am very excited about Daniel’s purchase and competitive advantage he has in the property market.

Kevin Mason

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