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John’s Story

Newcastle Investor

"..Reassurance and encouragement... "

Location: Newcastle

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Looking for an investment property for around $300,000


An investment property for around $300,000 to a maximum of $330,000, preferably new or refurbished (but it was a difficult lower end price point). Before engaging property buyer the task felt to daunting, all those “Hot Spots”….


Reassurance and encouragement and showing me around the area which took it out of the head and allowed the eyes and all the other senses to be involved.  The houses I really liked were a little beyond budget but then Kevin brought out a minor miracle in getting me a brand new apartment in a new development in Newcastle, also a 5% deposit so really, his connections and knowing what was available have got me what I was really seeking but didn’t dare hope was possible.  Afterwards I felt very excited as the project takes shape as it is off the plan.  Again, something I hadn’t considered and also although it is an investment with full tax and depreciation advantages, it is also somewhere I could live in if I wanted to.  If you are thinking of engaging propertybuyer it helps to be as specific as possible as to budget and type of dwelling and location.  Also to trust they actually do know more than we do about the market.

“…they actually do know more than we do about the market.”

John W, Nurse

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

We found John a new property in a premium suburb which has already increased in values soon after exchanging.  John purchased for $30,000 – $40,000 less than most other buyers in this development.  We found a niche market for the type of property John purchased with potential high yields in an area that could also be very liveable for John for the future.  Through my contact we were able to secure a discounted price.

Kevin Mason

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