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Mike’s Story

Newcastle Investor

"..I’m confident I’ve purchased a great investment... "

Location: Newcastle

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: 30km outside of Sydney CBED, low maintenance with access to a combination of good yield & solid growth


My property goal is to retire young, an entirely financial decision, looking for strong capital growth potential, reasonable yield, and good purchase price.  I felt entirely capable of doing it myself, but confident that I would better off with professional advice.  I was worried that I would pay too much, or that I wouldn’t be investing in the best area for capital growth potential.


Kevin found me an off-the plan unit in a great area.  By the time we had exchanged contracts, identical units in the complex were selling for 22k more than I had paid.  Kevin also negotiated 9k off the deposit.  The amount that propertybuyer saved me on the purchase covered both their fee and my stamp duty costs.  Because of the research that Kevin showed me, I’m confident that I’ve purchased a great investment for an excellent price.  As an investor I’m confident that I made the right decision in using a buyers agent.  Propertybuyer did everything that they promised they would and I have secured a much better deal than I could have alone.

“…Propertybuyer did everything that they promised they would.”

Mike F, Naval Officer

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Mike required assistance in regards to where and what to buy.  After designing a strategy for Mike in regards to finding an area that can provide both solid yield and growth, I was able to secure an excellent opportunity, in fact Mike has already picked up growth on the property as soon as we exchanged contracts.  A combination of utilising our trusted networks, invaluable research, obtaining a discount on this prime property and local knowledge have all assisted with Mikes successful purchase.

Kevin Mason

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