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Peter’s Story

NSW Investor

"..excellent service and money well spent... "

Location: NSW

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: An investment then home in the north of Sydney. A modern house with open kitchen and backyard.


To buy a house as an investment initially and then to live in down the track. We felt nervous and uneducated at the prospect of doing it all ourselves.


Having someone who is qualified, knowledgeable and experienced look after my interests while I am overseas reassured us. After we felt great, Kevin was brilliant! Very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. It is an excellent service and money well spent.

“Very knowledgeable and understanding.”

Peter K.

Buyers’ Agents Comments:

Our clients were looking to buy a family home to move into in around 5 years’ time. As they were both individually living in separate parts of the world, this would have been a difficult task on their own. Leading up to locating the ideal property, I provided education in terms of good valued pockets and also some alternative adjoining good value suburbs. They were worried about being priced out of the market in their first choice of suburbs, however with patience and trust we were able to secure perfect property. In the end, I was able to negotiate a very favourable price, well below market value and move extremely quickly before other buyers were able to. I was over the moon to be able to locate the ideal home with such an ideal, sunny and bright floor plan with panoramic leafy views, within their ideal location (all while working within a tight budget). An inferior home nearby had sold for $150K higher the weekend before we purchased this and moving quickly in the end was the key. They were both a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Mason

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