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Peter’s Story

QLD Investor

"..give us confidence... "

Location: QLD

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Complete a small development


We were looking to branch out and complete a small development. There would have been too much risk for us to complete the whole process on our own and our main concern was finding a suitable project that we could see had a clear profitable exit strategy.


Rich was able to present us with a development that fitted both our budget and risk tolerance and provided ample research to give us confidence in making the decision to proceed. Now that we have secured the site it will be exciting to watch the construction take place and again propertybuyer will be there to assist us with monitoring the success of that part of the project. If you are thinking of engaging propertybuyer, it is worth the money spent to engage the professionals who take all the legwork out of the process and provide you with ample research to make the best informed decision.

“…provide you with ample research to make the best informed decision”

Peter M, Statistician

Buyers' Agents Comments:

Peter was seeking to manufacture equity by completing a subdivision opportunity, but was unsure how to commence the process and where to look.We identified an excellent deal in SE QLD in a rising market that has multiple exit strategies – retain both, sell one or sell both. For a duplex purchase price of $572k, the end value will be north of $620k, giving Peter instant equity of around $49,000 and a rental yield of over 6.4%.

Rich Harvey

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