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Ruth & Steve’s Story

Eastern Suburbs Investor

"..Well worth the investment.... "

Location: Eastern Suburbs

Buyer type: Investor

Buyer's Brief: Apartment in Sydney


We approached propertybuyer after a recommendation, looking to buy an investment unit in Sydney. We do not have the time or specialist knowledge to do this independently, and had a very disappointing experience with another buyers’ agent which was off-putting. We were worried that we would never find anything, and prices would continue to go up and up!


After a brief introductory call with Rich, he introduced us to Anna and everything was easy. She showed us one amazing property which we were delighted with – so we bought it!

We were amazed how quickly propertybuyer were able to find somewhere that fitted our brief, and Anna negotiated with our money as if it was her own.

I would recommend propertybuyer with no hesitation whatsoever. The advice, knowledge and negotiation ability are well worth the investment. Thank you!

“I would recommend propertybuyer with no hesitation whatsoever.”

Steve S., HR Manager

Buyers' Agent:

Ruth and Steve were looking for a long term investment preferably in the inner city market. I found a great property off market that was rented and did have the potential to cosmetically improve in the future. Location is the key for good long term growth in a slowing market and they were thrilled to be able to buy in the East at their budget. The relationship I had with the agent and the ability to move quickly were the key to helping them secure the property.

Anna Rorke