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Naz & Michael's Story

Northern Beaches Homebuyer

"..He totally exceeded our expectations and we are so happy... "

Location: Northern Beaches

Buyer type: Homebuyer

Client Comments:

We were looking on and off for a property for the last 6 months but became serious about our search close to two months ago. During this time we could see the prices creeping up every week. We had to really lower our expectations in order to be able to buy in the area we wanted. Our basic criteria ended up being a 3/4 bedroom house with a small enough yard and within a 10 minutes’ walk to a bus stop. By the end of the two months the realisation that we might have to live further away and not be able to buy in our ideal area became more apparent. That's when we decided to enlist the help of a buyer's agent to either negotiate for us or to show us an off the market property in order to cut out the vast competition. We were recommended to contact Rich Harvey from Propertybuyer. I have to say I have never worked with someone so efficient in all my life. He works at lighting speed. Rich only spoke in facts and we could see that the results he had achieved for others spoke for themselves. So we signed with him on a Thursday at 11am and by 3pm that day we had looked at an off market property. Rich quickly organised for an inspection/pest report to be carried out on the following day and on that afternoon we bought the house. I have never bought anything that fast in my life. The house has a bus stop right outside, the yard is bigger than we expected, has a double lockup garage, a pool and a games room. It has totally exceeded our expectations and we are so happy about our purchase. Thanks again

Naz & Michael


Buyers' Agent Comments:

Naz and Michael were watching property prices rise at an astronomical rate and worried they would miss out on buying into the Northern Beaches. With a young child, they had aspirations to secure a nice house to raise a family and be close to transport.
Using my deep networks and well established local relationships, I found an ideal off-market house that ticked ALL their requirements and more. Knowing there was other competition, I quickly arranged my building inspector to come same day and completed all due diligence, provided Naz and Michael with my detailed market appraisal, then negotiated a very fair price with the agent within 24 hours of inspecting. To say they were delighted is an understatement. I was so happy to help them secure their dream home.

CEO & Buyers' Agent - Rich Harvey

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