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Buying a Home

Buying a house in Sydney is an exciting experience, but it no secret that it can be a difficult and stressful process as well. And that’s where we come in: using a buyer’s agent removes all the admin and worry, and leaves you with just the exciting parts. No more weeknights spent trawling the internet for new real estate listings, frustrating phone calls to agents, driving around every weekend inspecting properties and worrying about your final decision.

That’s where we come in: let Propertybuyer do the difficult work for you! We will not only search and find properties for you, we’ll also assist with negotiation, ensuring that you pay the best price. Buying a home is a simple and pleasurable experience when you have a buyers’ agent.

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Does this ring any bells with you?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or simply tired of searching for Sydney real estate?
  • Have you missed out at auction several times, wasted time viewing unsuitable houses and wasted money on pest and building inspections?
  • Have agents enticed you to make offers or come to auction, but only to find out later that the sales price went way above your expectations?
  • Are you confused by typical price guides that bear no resemblance to end sales price?
  • You just can’t find enough time to do the search for the right home.
  • You’re not sure which other Sydney suburbs might work for your lifestyle.
  • You would really like someone to be on your side, giving sound advice and help remove the emotion from the home buying process.
  • How do you compete with other buyers in the Sydney real estate market?

Let us take care of it for you. Our buyers’ advocates love the searching and negotiating process because we are passionate about property, the Sydney real-estate market and about helping you buy a house. Find the perfect home in Sydney without the stress and hassle of dealing with real estate agents. You can start right now by filling in this buyers’wishlist and let’s start a conversation about your dream home.

How do we help?

If you are in the market to buy a house, an apartment, townhouse, semi, duplex, penthouse, luxury mansion, prestige property, or perhaps buying your first home, then using a buyers’ agent will fast-track the process and protect you from paying too much!

We use a proven five step method to buying a house in the fastest possible time…

  1. Create a “Property Brief” – we discuss your detailed preferences and then target the best Sydney suburbs. Get started by filling out
    this buyer’s wishlist so that we can match you with the right agent and gain an understanding of exactly what you want.
  2. Research – we then conduct an extensive search to access the most suitable properties (both on and off market) in Sydney.
  3. Shortlist – after inspections we cull the properties into a shortlist for your personal inspection.
  4. Evaluate – using the latest sales data we provide a written appraisal (current market value) that protects you from paying too much.
  5. Negotiate and secure – our buyers agents are highly trained professional negotiators that will deliver the best possible price & terms.
Buying a home? Let us help you.

Fill in your buyer’s wishlist to tell us a bit about where and what you are looking for.

Where do we operate?

Our team of friendly buyers’ agents cover the major areas of Sydney including:

  • Eastern Suburbs
  • CBD and Inner City
  • Inner West
  • Northern Beaches
  • Lower North Shore
  • Upper North Shore
  • Hills District
  • Western Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Southern Highlands
  • Central Coast
  • Newcastle and Hunter Valley
  • Wollongong and Illawarra region
  • Regional areas on request
Buying a home

How much does a buyers’ agent cost?

We charge a fixed (flat) fee that applies for each price band (Please ask us for a specific quote).  Our fixed fees for the full search service are between 1.5% to 2% of purchase price. A fixed fee schedule applies as we don’t want any perception of bias in the way we negotiate for clients.  An initial retainer fee from $1500 is payable upfront then the a success fee is payable once the property is secured (unconditionally exchanged).

Paying a buyers’ agent fee gives you greater confidence, opens up more doors, saves you huge amounts of time and get a professional negotiator on your side.
Request a free quote today – click here.

Get insider knowledge. We’ll give you all the latest data and trends so that you can make an informed decision when buying a house.

What’s the benefit of using a buyers’ agent?

1. Access more properties – far more than just the internet, we uncover off-market properties (silent listings) and pre-listing before they hit the market. If a house is on sale in Sydney, we know about it.

2. We’ll put you ahead of other buyers – our vast experience means that we are able to give you an edge and help you secure the house, apartment or property you want without issue.

3. Pay the right price – Our vast and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the Sydney real estate market means that we can provide a detailed appraisal of your chosen property advising you what it’s worth, then we negotiate hard to save you as much as possible.

4. Save time – tap into our extensive network to find your ideal property much faster!

The benefits certainly outweigh the costs when it comes to buying a house or apartment in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

What is the next step?

If you’re interested in using a buyers’ agent to find your dream home the first step in the process is to tell us a bit more about exactly what it is you’re looking for. You can start this process right now by filling in our Buyer’s wishlist form. In it you’ll find a few quick questions that we use to help us get a sense of your preferences.

This helps us to not only start researching listings which cater to your specific needs, but also to match you with the buyers’ agent most experienced in your category.

Once you’ve filled in the form and hit send we’ll contact you to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your choices in more detail and talk about the next steps.

Call us on 1300 655 615 to discuss your requirements or arrange a meeting time.

What have other clients said?

“Securing the property before auction at less than what the vendor wanted was a great win for us and made hiring Propertybuyer very worthwhile.” Yuvisthi & Nirmal

“The value that they offer is not only seen in the savings in the price of the property, but also in their advanced knowledge of the market and phenomenal negotiating skills.” Glenn

“The end result for me is a terrific property in a great location.” Neil

Take the next steps to find your dream home now.

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Buying a home

Frequently asked Home Buyer Questions:

What am I getting for my money that I cannot achieve myself?

Buying quality Sydney real estate is a full time job. Propertybuyer offers you a professional buyer’s agent that is constantly working to find the right property for you. We will listen to your needs and provide you with independent advice to inform your decision. Our buyers agents understand both the national and Sydney real estate market values intimately.Our relationships with selling agents provide you with even more opportunities and information than the average home buyer. Once the right home is found they are highly experienced in appraising the value of the property and negotiating, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you pay the right price.

If you’re buying a house in Sydney, using a buyers’ agent is certainly the most effective and stress-free way to do it.

Will a buyers’ agent listen to my needs?

Of course – Listening is the most important aspect of our relationship with you. It is crucial that we fully understand your needs so we can search for your next home looking through ‘your eyes’. By doing this we will find and secure your ideal home faster. Unlike a real-estate agent, we have no vested interest in which house you buy or which group of properties you buy from; all that matters to us is that we find the perfect home for you. That’s why when it comes to buying a home we use your specific wants and needs as our only driver.

How will know you really understand my requirements? (How could you possibly know what I want?)

This is a common fear for buyers. That’s why we spend considerable time asking about your needs and wants BEFORE starting the property search process. If possible we like to do this in your home to really understand your personal taste, likes and dislikes. Our buyer’s agents are very good at understanding what home buyers want and they view this as the most important part of their process. They have all learnt the importance of listening to client needs and have been very successful in their roles for a long time.

The greatest satisfaction we get is when you are thrilled with your new home.

Will you overlook properties that may have been of interest to me?

No. We leave no stone unturned when searching for your ideal property. If there is any chance that a property may be of interest to you, we will present it to you and let you choose. It’s often a fine line as we are equally careful not to waste your time, but when in doubt, we will ask you the question.

Can you find me off-market properties?

Absolutely. Each buyer’s agent is well respected in their local areas and they maintain professional relationships with selling agents to access to many silent-listings. Our buyers’ agents will routinely contact selling agents on our extensive database and constantly ask for and receive off-market homes/ listings.

That’s one of the major benefits of using a buyers’ agent – if the right property is out there, they will find it for you whether it is listed or not!

Can you guarantee that I will have found and bought a home at the end of the process?

We have successfully purchased homes for more than 98% of our clients. Those not proceeding usually comprise of people who have had change to their personal circumstances and are no longer looking to buy a house.

Propertybuyer is currently the most awarded Buyers Agency in Australia, and this public scrutiny is an unbiased testament to our integrity, value and quality of service. We guarantee not to waste your valuable time by sourcing inappropriate properties. We will deflect all the stress and detail and save you months of endless searching. We will spend time with you up front so that we clearly understand your needs and will target the search based on your preferences.

With our help, you will save time, money and stress in the purchase of your next home. You will also gain access to more properties, be better informed about comparable sales and understand the true value of each property. When you decide on the right property, we will negotiate for you so you will be able to make a rational decision about price without the stress and pressure of dealing with real estate agents or having to negotiate.

What is the process and how long will buying a house take?

First of all we like to sit down and just listen to your preferences. This way we can fully understand your needs.

Following this, our services are explained and we can answer any questions you may have. Once you are comfortable to proceed, you sign an agreement and an engagement fee is paid. We then further discuss your “buyers brief” and then the property search begins.

We conduct thorough research and then present you with a shortlist of the homes and properties which might be of interest to you. If you wish to pursue any of the chosen properties, we then conduct a full appraisal of the property and negotiate on your behalf. The decision to buy the house is then yours. We are committed to finding you the right home, no matter how long it takes, but in our experience the entire process usually takes between 3 to 6 weeks.

What is the difference between a buyers’ agent and a selling agent?

The key difference between a buyers’ agent and a traditional selling agent is who they represent. A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller). By law an agent cannot act for (and accept a commission) from both parties in the transaction. We, being buyers’ agents, work exclusively for you, the homebuyer, and will help you negotiate with the selling agent to secure the best price and the right terms on the house of your choice.

Do buyers’ agents assist or get paid by the seller?

No. We never sell property or accept sales commission from vendors nor their agents. This is what sets propertybuyer apart. We are totally independent and work exclusively in our clients’ best interest to find a property that meets their needs. We have no vested interest in the selling of specific property, our only driver is the buyer’s satisfaction in finding the right house.

How will I know what the property is worth?

We conduct extensive due diligence for our clients on recent sales and have access to a comprehensive database of all past sales. We inspect each home for sale and discuss the positives and negatives of each shortlisted property.

We are also aware of recent sales and ongoing negotiations in the Sydney real estate market and properties in the area.

Using this information, together with our own expert opinion on the state of the market provides our clients with the assurance they are not overpaying. In fact, our clients usually find they are buying at a price below market and comparable values.

Do I have to be “rich and famous” to be able to afford a buyers’ agent?

Definitely not. We assist individuals, couples and families of all budgets. In addition, we’ll also assist you in saving money by doing extensive research and analysis, looking at comparable property sales and market data, and by negotiating hard to secure the best price, terms and conditions possible. With a buyers’ agent you will make an informed choice and will be confident that you have bought well, whatever your budget. It’s a small investment to make when you consider the expert advice and savings you will make when you buy your ideal house!

Take the next steps to find your dream home now. Click here to get started. Or call us now to discuss your requirements on 1300 655 615 – we’d love to chat.

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